Unraveling the US Ambassador’s Visit to Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir

In a recent turn of events, India has officially expressed its concerns to the United States regarding a visit by the US ambassador to Pakistan, Donald Blome, to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). This development has sparked significant controversy and diplomatic discourse, drawing attention on both sides of the globe.

The Unveiling of the Visit

A massive row erupted when US Ambassador Donald Blome visited Gilgit-Baltistan, a region in PoK, and engaged with the local populace. The visit, shrouded in secrecy, has raised eyebrows in the diplomatic corridors. When questioned about this visit, Arindam Bagchi, the spokesperson for India’s Ministry of External Affairs, swiftly reiterated India’s well-established stance.

He stated, “Our position on the entire Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir being an integral part of India is well known. We would like to urge the international community to respect our sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Echoes from the US

As the controversy escalated, the attention also turned towards the US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti. When questioned about his counterpart’s visit to PoK, Ambassador Garcetti responded, “It’s not my place to react to the US Ambassador in Pakistan, but he’s been before, and we obviously had part of our delegation in Jammu and Kashmir during G20 as well.” Additionally, Ambassador Garcetti emphasized that the longstanding issue of Jammu and Kashmir must be resolved through bilateral discussions between India and Pakistan, without any interference from third parties, including the United States.

A Mysterious Visit

The mystery surrounding Ambassador Blome’s visit deepened as it was revealed to be a six-day ‘secret’ sojourn to Gilgit Baltistan in PoK. Details of the visit were meticulously guarded by both the US embassy and the Pakistani government. According to Pakistan’s leading daily, Dawn, Ambassador Blome explored various areas and held discussions with local officials and government representatives in Gilgit.

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Past Encounters

It’s worth noting that this is not the first time Ambassador Blome has ventured into contentious territory. Last year, he visited Muzaffarabad, a city in PoK, where he made a reference to the region as ‘AJK.’ This led to India raising concerns with the US, as the mention of PoK as ‘AJK’ was deemed problematic by the Indian government.

In conclusion, the recent visit of US Ambassador Donald Blome to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir has stirred diplomatic debates and garnered attention from various quarters. India’s assertion of its sovereignty over the entire Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir remains unwavering, and this development adds another layer to the complex dynamics of South Asian geopolitics.

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