Meri Zindagi Ka Yeh Aakhri Video Hai UP Teen Takes His Own Life by Jumping Into A River And Filming It!!

A young man from Ambedkar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, who decided to end his life by jumping into a river filmed himself doing so. A shocking video of him pleading with strangers to marry his sister for money he has stashed with friends or acquaintances has just gone viral online.

Teens’ final statements captured in a viral video

The Jahangirganj neighborhood of Ambedkar Nagar, the young man rode his bike to the Bidhar Bridge. Later, he stopped his car by the side of the road and began filming himself. He made a video on his phone to remind folks that he still owes them almost 2,40,000 Indian Rupees.

After watching the video, he persuaded his relatives to use the aforementioned funds to throw a lavish wedding for his sister. My husband and I have one goal: to have a happy marriage in as few months as possible. Get my sister married successfully; this is one of my requests. In the disturbing footage, he can say, “I am going to die.

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He begins the video with a somber tone, “Bhai, yeh meri zindagi ka aakhri video hai (Brother, this is the last video of my life). He goes on to say that he is suicidal because he is so unhappy with his life. After discussing his sister’s weddings, he abruptly cuts the video and dives into the river, leaving behind his phone, bike, and message.

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