Viral Video Prompts Bengaluru Police to Take Swift Action Against S@xual Harassment in Lulu Mall

In an alarming incident that has stirred the public’s conscience, a video showing an elderly man s@xually harassing a woman at Lulu Mall in Bengaluru has gone viral. The incident occurred in the fun zone of the mall and was captured on camera by a bystander. As the video spread like wildfire, it prompted city police to launch an investigation and register an FIR against the unidentified man.

The Incident

Earlier this week, an unsuspecting woman was enjoying her time in the fun zone of Lulu Mall in Bengaluru. Within seconds, an elderly man was seen approaching her and groping her hips before casually walking away from the scene. Astonishingly, nobody in the vicinity intervened or questioned the man’s actions. However, Yeshwanth Jayaprakash, who was present at the scene, shot the incident on camera after his sister reported the man’s suspicious behavior.

Multiple Offenses

Further investigation revealed that this was not an isolated event. The man is reported to have groped at least four women in the same mall located in Rajajinagar. As a result, an FIR has been registered at the Magadi Road police station. The man has been charged under IPC section 354 (Assault or criminal force to a woman with intent to outrage her modesty). Despite these charges, the police have yet to make an arrest as of Wednesday afternoon.

Public Outcry and Social Media Reaction

The incident has sparked widespread outrage, with netizens condemning the act in strong terms. Social media platforms were abuzz with calls for immediate action, with users describing the act as “disgusting” and urging the police to make a quick arrest. The video was widely shared across various platforms, accompanied by messages urging people to help identify the perpetrator. One such message read, “Let’s find out who this is. Circulate this till someone identifies this predator.”

The Uncomfortable Question: Why Did the Victim Remain Silent?

The video has also ignited a conversation about why the victim chose to remain silent. While the focus should unequivocally be on the perpetrator’s actions, the incident opens up a broader dialogue about the societal pressures and stigma that often make victims hesitant to speak out.

The viral video serves as a jarring reminder that much work remains to be done to ensure the safety of women in public spaces. The swift action by Bengaluru police is commendable, but it also raises questions about how such incidents can be prevented in the future. The collective voice of the public, amplified through social media, has played a critical role in accelerating the police’s actions, showcasing the power of the citizenry in catalyzing social change. As we await further updates on the investigation, one thing is clear: public spaces must be made safer for everyone, and it is the collective responsibility of society to ensure that they are.

It is imperative that law enforcement agencies not only bring the perpetrator to justice but also take proactive measures to enhance the safety of public spaces. Public awareness campaigns, enhanced surveillance, and community policing are some of the steps that could be taken to mitigate such incidents in the future. After all, the safety and dignity of half the population can’t be compromised.

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The Bengaluru incident provides an urgent call to action, urging us to reevaluate the state of public safety in the city and beyond. It emphasizes the collective responsibility we all bear in making our cities safer and more inclusive for everyone.

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