Who Did Rishi Singh Marry? Solving The Marriage Puzzle!!

Rishi Singh, who made his singing debut on season 13 of Indian Idol, quickly gained popularity after a video of his audition went viral on the internet. He is an aspiring vocalist hailing from Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. Rishi, who aspires to be a professional singer, has worked with friends on a variety of YouTube covers and original songs.

Recently, Rishi Singh has revealed that he just found out that his parents adopted him and that he is very grateful to them for raising him. Although he has achieved great success professionally, there have been new reports of marriage speculation. We’ll tell you here who Rishi Singh wed and provide you with the details.

`Who Did Rishi Singh Marry?

According to what we’ve learned, the star of Indian Idol has not tied the knot with anyone yet. On the show, though, he was associated with Bidipta Chakraborty.

Who Did Rishi Singh Marry
Who Did Rishi Singh Marry

His strong friendship with Bidipta Chakraborty boosted the 21-year-old singer’s popularity on the show. If you asked him about the truth of his connection with her, he would say, “We are really close friends,” despite the rumors of an affair.

Check out the Twitter post below, which states about the strong friendship between Rishi Singh and Bidipta Chakraborty.

However, we recently came across a video in which Rishi is seen proposing to Bidipa, and they are two of the most well-known participants in Indian Idol. He hopes to spend the rest of his life with her and declares his love for her.

Did Rishi Singh Win Indian Idol?

Rishi Singh competed in season 13 of Sony TV’s Indian Idol, a reality singing competition. Rishi Singh of Ayodhya, who competed in and won Indian Idol 13, was crowned the winner on Sunday, April 2, 2023. The young vocalist won the trophy, a monetary prize of Rs 25 lakh, and a brand-new automobile.

Take a look at the official tweet below, which verifies that Rishi Singh won Indian Idol 13.

The first and second runners-up were named Debosmita Roy and Chirag Kotwal, respectively. After winning the title, Rishi indicated that he “never expected to win” and that his thoughts “went blank” as the announcement was made.

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Previous to his appearance on the show, Rishi Singh had provided his voice for a few YouTube music videos, including Hum Jee Lenge (2021), Asoomiyan (2021), and Ilteja Meri (2022). He has posted a few renditions of popular Bollywood songs, including “Aaj Bhi,” “Phir Mohabbat,” and “Labon Ko” on YouTube in 2020 and 2021, respectively. Rishi also participated in a music concert held at Ayodhya’s Ram Katha Museum in June 2019.

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