Why Radha Married Ayan? Unraveling The Mystery Of Their Marriage!

It’s common knowledge that Radha and Krishna complement each other well. Did Radha and Krishna get married? In fact, it’s common knowledge that they never tied the knot. But have you ever wondered why they didn’t get married, given that neither one of them would be complete without the other?

Lord Krishna and Radha are often depicted together in temples and homes despite the fact that they never married. Many couples find motivation in Krishna and Radha’s adoring devotion.

If you’ve ever wondered things like “Why did Krishna marry Rukmini and not Radha?” or “Why did Radha get married to Ayan?” then this is the right place for you.

Why Radha Married Ayan?

Radha had to marry Ayan to fulfill the devotee’s previous birth wish. It is for this reason that many devotees believe Krishna and Radha were never married. Once upon a time, there was a follower of Lord Vishnu who spent years in contemplation and prayer. As a reward for his Tapasya, Lord Vishnu promised that in his next life, he would wed the goddess Lakshmi.

Why Did Radha Married Ayan
Why Did Radha Married Ayan

The Hindu goddess Lakshmi took four lives as different deities: Rukhmini, Satyabhama, Jambavanti, and Radha. Radha loved Krishna irrationally. But now they both knew why Lakshmi had taken on Radha’s form. Therefore, she had to wed Ayan despite her attraction to Krishna. However, there is a catch to this.

Since Radha is Vishnu’s eternal love, she is forbidden from telling anyone anything. Since this was the case, Ayan was either born transgender or unable to have children. Radha may have stayed with Ayan, but she never stopped thinking about her true love, Krishna.

In spite of her wounded heart, Radha went ahead with her marriage to Ayan, as evidenced by the tweet below.

Ayan, her impotent husband, once caught sight of her leaving the house to the jungle and immediately thought that she was having an affair. One day, he made up his mind to follow Radha.

Knowing this, Krishna disguised himself as Kali (because Ayan was a Kali follower) in order to save Radha from the stigma of being an unfaithful wife.

Ayan witnessed Radha’s adoration to Goddess Kali, but he didn’t catch a glimpse of Krishna. This form of Krishnakali is still revered in many parts of our country. Krishna wed the three previous avatars of Lakshmi.

Why Did Krishna Married Rukmini?

You might be shocked to learn this! However, this is true for a large number of priests across a wide swath of India. Krishna is the eighth reincarnation of Vishnu, the Hindu god. Rukmini was born in the same yuga as Goddess Lakshmi, who is Vishnu’s consort.

Rukmini, the daughter of King Bhishmaka of Vidharba, is a divine incarnation of the Shakti. Kamsa sanctioned the death of Vasudeva and Devaki’s seventh child at the hands of the witch Putna.

The witch would abduct infants at will during this time, including the infant daughter of King Bhismaka. But she didn’t realize the little ruler was an Avatar of Goddess Lakshmi, so she left her in Barsana when she became too heavy for her.

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Childless Vrishabhanu adopted the princess and raised her as his own after finding her. In the wake of Krishna’s public appearance as Narayana’s eighth Avatar, King Bhismaka set out for Vrindavan in quest of Lakshmi. Radha, whose hands were decorated with lotuses and conch shells, was the first person he met.

Radha was moved to Vidharbha and given back her original name, Rukmini. She had a proper royal upbringing and eventually fell for Krishna, the King of Dwarka. Soon after, Krishna weds Rukmini. Because of this, Krishna and Radha never got married.

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