Hyderabad incident: Woman misbehaved with in Balaji Nagar, stripped off her clothes, video viral!!!

Hyderabad, August 7: A shocking and disturbing incident occurred on the outskirts of Hyderabad, where a woman was stripped naked on the road and humiliated by a drunk man in Balaji Nagar.

The incident came to light on Sunday night around 8:30 pm—Near Balaji Nagar Bus Stand under the jurisdiction of Jawahar Nagar Police Station under Rachakonda Police Commissionerate.

The person responsible for this heinous act has been identified as Peddamaraiah. He misbehaved with the woman and made her naked in public, compromising her dignity.

The accused and his shameful act

Peddamaraiah, who is described as a laborer and a habitual drinker, did this heinous act along with his mother. Surprisingly, he did not intervene to stop her antics.

Instead of coming forward to help the woman, some bystanders chose to record the incident on their mobile phones.

Video of Hyderabad incident Misbehavior with woman in Balaji Nagar exposed
Video of Hyderabad incident Misbehavior with woman in Balaji Nagar exposed

Unacceptable behavior toward a woman

When the woman was walking on the road, she was treated inappropriately. Attempting to defend himself, he pushed Peddamaraiah and tried to run away.

In response, Peddamaraiah’s anger increased, so that he attacked her and tore her clothes. It is worrying that even the victim’s mother failed to intervene for her safety.

Further attacks attempted

As soon as another woman on a bike came forward to question Peddamaraiah’s actions, he tried to attack her too. The victim stood naked on the road for about 15 minutes.

After the accused left the scene, some kind-hearted people came forward to protect him and immediately informed the police about the incident.

On receiving a complaint from the 28-year-old victim, the police immediately registered a case and nabbed the accused.

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The incident highlights the need for increased awareness, intervention, and strict measures against such reprehensible acts. Society must unite to promote an environment free from such incidents, ensuring the safety and dignity of all individuals.

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