Controversy Surrounding “Yaariyaan 2”: Punjab Police Issues Arrest Warrants!!

In a recent turn of events, the Punjab Police has made its presence felt in the bustling city of Mumbai, armed with arrest warrants against the director and actor of the much-anticipated Bollywood film, “Yaariyaan 2.” Director Vinay Sapru and actor Meezaan Jafri find themselves in legal turmoil as the Punjab Police initiated a case against them. The charges stem from allegations of religious sentiments being hurt in a song from the upcoming movie, where the actor is seen wearing what appears to be a ‘kirpan,’ a symbol deeply significant to the Sikh faith.

The Allegations and the FIR

Cases have been filed against not only producer Bhushan Kumar but also directors Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru, along with actor Meezaan Jafri. The allegations revolve around a particular song in “Yaariyaan 2,” where Meezaan Jafri is seen wearing a ‘kirpan.’ This sharp-edged religious symbol is revered by the Sikh community, and its use outside of the Sikh faith can be a sensitive issue.

The First Information Report (FIR) was officially lodged with the police, primarily due to the actor’s portrayal in the song, wearing the ‘kirpan.’ According to the Sikh Code of Conduct, only a baptized Sikh is permitted to wear the ‘kirpan,’ making this portrayal a point of contention.

The Sikh Community’s Response

The controversy surrounding the film escalated when the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC), the highest religious authority for Sikhs, voiced its strong objection to Meezaan Jafri’s alleged use of the ‘kirpan’ in the song titled ‘Saure Ghar.’ The SGPC did not mince words when expressing their concerns, going so far as to file a formal complaint with the Amritsar Police Commissioner.

In defense, the film’s directors have claimed that the actor was, in fact, wielding a ‘khukri,’ a curved knife, and not a ‘kirpan.’ They have asserted that there was no intention to offend or disrespect any religious beliefs. However, the SGPC remains unmoved by this explanation, deeming it illogical.

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Legal Action on the Horizon

“The Sikhs very well know the shape of a ‘kirpan’ and a ‘khukri,’ and the way both are worn on one’s body. We are not satisfied with your illogical clarification. Therefore, we are initiating the process of legal action in this case, as the concerned video song is still in public view and continuously hurting the religious sentiments of the Sikh community,” stated the SGPC unequivocally.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding “Yaariyaan 2” has taken a legal turn with the Punjab Police issuing arrest warrants for director Vinay Sapru and actor Meezaan Jafri. The allegations of hurting religious sentiments due to the portrayal of a ‘kirpan’ in a song have drawn the attention of the Sikh community, with the SGPC insisting on pursuing legal action. As the legal battle looms, the fate of the film remains uncertain, leaving many to wonder about the delicate balance between artistic expression and religious sensitivity.

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