The Mother Was Forced to Sign a Blank Piece of Paper and Stamp It Before the Young Man Was Thrashed With Sticks, Feet, and Slippers!!

In a shocking incident that has gripped the Deoria district, Pattidars embroiled in a land dispute, resorted to extreme measures by holding a young man from their own Pattidaari hostage. This distressing event unfolded as they tied his hands and legs, subjecting him to brutal physical assault. Additionally, they confined the young man’s mother to a room, coercing her into signing plain papers and stamps.

Land Dispute Sparks a Violent Confrontation

The victim, Kamlesh Yadav, known as Pintu and a resident of Jamui village in the Salempur Kotwali area of the district, recounted the horrific ordeal. According to his police complaint, he had been entangled in a longstanding dispute over land with the leaseholders. The leaseholders, it seems, were determined to forcibly take possession of his land, continually pressuring him to transfer the land into their name.

A Morning of Terror

The dreadful morning of September 15 saw the assailants invading Kamlesh’s home at approximately 8 a.m. Their ruthless actions commenced with an attack on his mother. In a bid to protect his mother, Kamlesh raised his voice. However, his cries for help fell on deaf ears as he was swiftly subdued. His captors bound his hands and legs with rope, securing him to a door, where he was left exposed to the scorching sun.

Young Man Was Thrashed With Sticks, Feet, and Slippers
Young Man Was Thrashed With Sticks, Feet, and Slippers

A Savage Assault Unleashed

What followed was a harrowing and brutal assault. The attackers, numbering several, unleashed a barrage of violence upon Kamlesh. He was subjected to blows from sticks, rods, kicks, and slippers. The savagery continued until he was severely injured and incapacitated.

Mother Coerced into Signing Documents

During this horrifying ordeal, the accused forcibly confined Kamlesh’s mother to a room. In a desperate and heart-wrenching act, they coerced her into signing numerous plain papers and affixing her thumb impression on various stamps. This sinister ploy was executed to solidify their claim over the disputed land.

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Justice Prevails: Two Arrests Made

The incident, thanks to the power of social media, was exposed when a video of the young man being subjected to the brutal attack went viral. Law enforcement swiftly responded to this disturbing footage, leading to the arrest of two individuals by Salempur police. As per regulations, advanced legal action is now underway to ensure that justice prevails in this troubling case.

In conclusion, this tragic incident in Deoria district serves as a stark reminder of the lengths some individuals are willing to go in the pursuit of their vested interests. It underscores the importance of a robust and responsive legal system in ensuring that such acts of brutality do not go unpunished. Our hearts go out to Kamlesh Yadav and his family as they seek both justice and healing in the aftermath of this horrifying event.

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