YouTube Tests Disabling Videos for Users with Ad Blockers!!

YouTube is taking a more aggressive approach to discourage the use of ad blockers on its platform. The company is currently running a global experiment that prompts viewers with ad blockers to either enable ads or try YouTube Premium.

This move comes after YouTube began warning users that repeated use of ad-blocking tools could result in interrupted video playback.

YouTube’s Perspective

According to Google spokesperson Oluwa Falodun, the detection of ad blockers is not a new practice, and many publishers ask viewers to disable them. YouTube emphasizes that disabling video playback is a serious step that is only taken when viewers consistently ignore requests to allow ads.

“In extreme cases, where viewers continue their use of ad blockers, playback will be temporarily disabled,” the company explained.

If viewers believe they have been mistakenly flagged, they can provide feedback by clicking on a link in the prompt. These measures highlight YouTube’s firm stance against ad blockers:

The platform argues that ad revenue is crucial for compensating creators and ensuring the platform remains free for users. YouTube’s statement emphasizes that its ad-supported model supports a diverse ecosystem of creators and provides billions of people worldwide with free access to content.

YouTube Premium, which costs $11.99 per month or $119.99 annually, offers an ad-free experience on the platform and other benefits such as offline downloads and YouTube Music Premium.

The company announced in November that it had surpassed 80 million combined subscribers across YouTube Premium and YouTube Music.

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YouTube is conducting a global experiment to discourage ad blockers on its platform. By urging viewers to enable ads or try YouTube Premium, the company aims to support creators and maintain a free-access model for billions of users.

YouTube Disable Videos for Ad Block user

YouTube’s firm stance against ad blockers reflects its commitment to the ad-supported ecosystem and the compensation of content creators.

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