Videos Show Youtuber Ttf Vasan Injured While Bike Stunting Near Kancheepuram!!

Renowned YouTuber and moto vlogger, TTF Vasan, found himself in a harrowing situation during a bike stunt in Tamil Nadu, near Kancheepuram, on Sunday,  Local reports detail the unfortunate incident where the moto vlogger attempted a daring bike stunt on a service road of the Chennai-Bengaluru highway, located near Kancheepuram district. watch video

Regrettably, the stunt took a dangerous turn, resulting in TTF Vasan sustaining injuries. The incident occurred specifically at Baluchetty Chathiram near Kancheepuram district, and a video clip of the mishap has since gone viral on various social media platforms.

Youtuber Ttf Vasan Injured While Bike Stunting
Youtuber Ttf Vasan Injured While Bike Stunting

The video captures a high-speed bike endeavoring to execute a stunt on the service road, with farms lining one side of the road. In the backdrop, a car can also be seen approaching. As TTF Vasan attempts the risky maneuver of lifting the front tire in a wheelie, he loses control, causing the bike to skid off the road and into the adjacent fields.

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The bike’s velocity was such that it continued racing into the fields even after the moto vlogger was ejected from it. The footage then portrays the aftermath of the incident, with the bike found some distance away from the spot where the stunt went awry.

Following the unfortunate accident, TTF Vasan was promptly rushed to a private hospital, where he is currently receiving medical treatment. It’s worth noting that this incident isn’t the first time TTF Vasan has made headlines for overspeeding, as he has previously faced issues with authorities due to his penchant for speeding in the past.

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