Tragedy Strikes: 12th Grader Dies Amidst Medical Negligence!!

In a heart-wrenching incident that unfolded in Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh, a 17-year-old 12th-grade student named Bharti, residing in the village of Oy, faced a tragic demise while seeking medical treatment. The incident has raised questions about the quality of healthcare provided in the region and has left the grieving family in anguish.

A Desperate Dash for Medical Aid

It all began when Bharti’s health took a sudden and severe downturn one fateful Tuesday. She developed a high fever, causing great concern among her family members. Without wasting any time, they rushed her to Radha Swami Hospital, situated on Karhal Road in Ghiror town. The attending doctors promptly examined Bharti’s condition, and it was decided that she should be admitted to the clinic for further care.

Bharti’s uncle, Praveen Kumar, who accompanied her, recalls that her initial ailment was a fever. She was admitted to Radhaswami Hospital around noon on Tuesday. Tragically, just one day later, on Wednesday afternoon, a female doctor administered an injection, which would prove to be fatally incorrect.

Doctor’s Heartless Abandonment

What transpired after Bharti’s untimely death was truly shocking and heart-wrenching. The attending doctor, evidently realizing the gravity of the situation, chose to abandon all responsibility. Bharti’s lifeless body was unceremoniously placed outside the clinic, left unattended on the roadside. The doctor and clinic staff fled the premises, driven by fear that the family would raise a tumultuous protest.

Seeking Justice for Bharti

Upon receiving news of the tragic incident, local law enforcement swiftly arrived at the scene. The police, after conducting a Panchnama, promptly arranged for Bharti’s body to undergo a post-mortem examination. Praveen Kumar, the grieving uncle of the deceased, filed a formal complaint, setting in motion a thorough investigation into the incident by the police.

Clinic director Dr. Ravi Kumar, however, provided a different account of the tragic event. He stated, “The girl had ingested poison, and her condition was already critical. I had strongly advised her family to take her to the District Hospital Mainpuri for immediate medical attention. Regrettably, they chose to seek treatment exclusively from our clinic.”

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The Medical Community Responds

In response to this harrowing incident, Chief Medical Officer Dr. RC Gupta issued a statement. Dr. Gupta revealed, “As of now, no official complaint has been lodged, and there is uncertainty regarding whether the clinic in question is duly registered. Our response and actions will be contingent upon the outcome of a thorough investigation into the matter.”

This tragedy has raised serious concerns about the quality and ethics of healthcare services in Mainpuri. As the investigation unfolds, the family of Bharti seeks justice for their beloved daughter, while the community at large grapples with the tragic loss of a young life that could have been saved.

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