Rajasthan Woman Paraded Naked: 3 Arrested After Pratapgarh Assault Video Goes Viral!!

On Saturday, police in Rajasthan’s Pratapgarh district announced they had arrested three people in connection with the alleged beating and public exposure of a tribal lady. SP Amit Kumar of the District Police Department has corroborated the report. The husband of the woman was one of three suspects taken into custody.

When the police arrived, the suspect allegedly attempted to flee. They were hurt trying to outrun the cops. They are currently being cared for at the Pratapgarh district hospital and will be brought before a judge once they have recovered.

Allegedly, a tribal lady was abused and then exposed in public.

According to the police, a tribal lady in the Pratapgarh area of Rajasthan was assaulted and then exposed in public by her husband and in-laws. A viral video exposed the incident to the public.

Dhariyavad police station is located in the Nichalkota village of the Pratapgarh district, where the event took place on Thursday, as stated by DGP Umesh Mishra. Once upon a time, the victim was married. In the village, she allegedly began cohabitating with another man.

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Umesh Mishra, the director general of police in Pratapgarh, said the woman’s in-laws were responsible for the brutal murder. They abducted her and brought her back to their hometown. After the wedding, she up and left for another place, much to their annoyance.

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The wife of the batterer

The DGP claimed that after the kidnapping, the woman was assaulted by her husband, who then stripped her and paraded her around the hamlet for almost a kilometer.

Earlier, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had posted on X, saying, “We have instructed the police to take strict action against the accused in accordance with the law. The ADG Crime has been sent to the scene of the crime immediately.” Criminals of this nature have no place in a civilized society. A special court will hear the case to ensure that justice is swiftly served.

Critics of the Rajasthan government’s policies

CP Joshi, president of the Rajasthan branch of the BJP, criticized the state government for its soft stance on violence against women. In a Facebook post, he wrote, “Today Rajasthan is ashamed..the fact that the government did not even know about this shameful incident in Pratapgarh shows why Rajasthan has become the number one state in crime and assault against women.”

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