Auto-rickshaw Driver Brutally Attacks Elderly Woman in Sonbhadra; Video Surfaces

Sonbhadra Uttar Pradesh: During a horrible event that took place in Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh, a rickshaw driver was filmed viciously attacking an elderly woman in front of a mob of witnesses who stood by and continued to take photos and videos of the crime. The auto-rickshaw driver can be seen in the viral video assaulting the old woman for an unexplained cause, and the video itself has been shared millions of times.

A video of the incident has now gone viral on YouTube and other platforms

The auto-rickshaw driver can be seen in the viral video slapping the woman, which causes her to lose her balance and fall to the ground. The woman gets back up and tries to attack the rickshaw driver once more, but he kicks her and she goes tumbling to the ground once more. The auto-rickshaw driver assaults the woman and then departs the scene.

The incident took place openly, in full view of onlookers

Even though the assault was taking place in broad daylight in front of a large audience, no one intervened to rescue the woman who was being abused by the rickshaw driver. It is currently unknown what caused the fight. The woman’s cries for aid were ignored while one bystander filmed the entire scene on his phone.

The Police Department has received a complaint about the incident

The police are aware of the situation and have received a report related to it. The police have opened an investigation and are currently looking into the footage and interviewing the people spotted in it. As reported by Sonbhadra Police, “necessary action has been taken by Chopan police station in relation to the referred case.”

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This unfortunate event emphasizes the importance of raising public consciousness

A strong reporting and response system, as well as bystander intervention training, are urgently required in light of this occurrence. The witnesses’ indifference is symptomatic of a larger social problem that requires immediate attention.

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