Politics Grew About Agniveer Not Being a Martyr, Satyapal Malik and Rld Questioned Not Saluting

Agniveer Amritpal Singh, a political figure in the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP), gave his life protecting civilians in Poonch, Jammu and Kashmir. Sadly, Agniveer Amritpal Singh was shot and killed while on duty and has since been declared a martyr.

Meanwhile, the controversy in Uttar Pradesh’s politics has been stoked by the army’s refusal to give him the salute. Amritpal Singh, born in Punjab, reportedly served as an Agniveer in the Indian Army from December 2022 onward.

Information indicates that he was shot and killed on October 10. Punjab was hit by a wave of grief with the news of Agniveer Amritpal Singh’s passing. The Indian Army has not yet paid respect to the body of the fallen soldier.

This issue has recently become highly contentious in politics. Satyapal Malik, a former governor of Bihar, and the Rashtriya Lok Dal have both questioned the Central Government’s handling of this situation.

Questions about the federal government were raised by Satyapal Malik

On his blog, former Governor Satyapal Malik When the locals inquired, they were informed that Agniveer was not considered a martyr under the new policy of the Central Government and that the salute would not be performed in his honor.

In his following update, he said, “The villagers then talked to SSP Saheb and convinced him to salute the policemen.” This occurrence is evidence that Agniveer was designed to wipe out armies and prevent anyone from receiving martyr status for dying in battle. The federal government has no right to deny martyr status.

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According to RLD, this behavior dishonors the martyrs

Not awarding Agniveer Amritpal Singh the status of martyr and the salute on behalf of the army has been seen as an insult to the martyrs, according to RLD. It’s ironic that after being recruited by Agniveer and given the duty of giving his life for the country, nobody gave him the honor due a martyr when he posted from the party’s hundreds of salutes.

Amritpal Singh, a martyr, was not even granted a proper military burial. The Army Havildar and two other servicemen who were responsible for transporting his remains used a civilian ambulance rather than an official military vehicle. What else could this be if not an insult to the country’s martyrs?

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