Meerut Accident: Drunk Driver Hits Balloon Seller and Flips SUV; Arrested While Accomplices Flee

On Wednesday, a disturbing video of the hit-and-run case that occurred in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, went viral. Poor balloon vendor Bhanu was struck and murdered by a speeding Mahindra Scorpio at the Abu Lane market on Monday (October 23).

The SUV can be seen driving down the empty road at night before slamming into a concrete divider, at which point the driver does a complete U-turn and the resulting footage is making the rounds on social media.

After the collision, the driver had to pull over, and the crowd quickly turned on him

After the collision, the driver stopped the car, whereupon he was surrounded by an angry mob and mercilessly beaten. The mob then turned up the suspect to law enforcement. The suspect was allegedly driving the SUV at fast speeds while under the influence of alcohol. The driver of the SUV, later identified as Anubhav Goyal, is shown in the footage flipping the vehicle over after losing control and striking a divider. He then comes to a halt with the car on its roof.

A throng of people followed the SUV

A large group of people who had been pursuing the SUV eventually arrived and found Anubhav Goyal there by himself. The video shows that the accused was traveling with pals who jumped out of the car and ran away when it crashed into a road barrier. They get out of the wrecked car and run away from the scene.

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An extremely large amount of booze was found

The driver allegedly smelled of alcohol, and a large amount of alcohol was reportedly retrieved from their vehicle. He said that everyone in his group of pals was drunk at the time of the incident. After the collision, they all ran away, and police later apprehended Anubhav. When the SUV ran over the youngster on Abu Lane, he died instantly. His brother-in-law was the one who identified his body.

In light of the incident, a formal complaint has been filed

The accident has been reported and the suspect has been taken into custody. However, the police have not named any suspects in their report, and the public has responded by accusing them of siding with the wealthy and denying justice to the poor.

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