UP Crime: BJP Leader Shot Dead Outside Moradabad House; Shocking CCTV Footage!!!

On Thursday (August 10), a terrifying piece of CCTV footage emerged from the Moradabad area of Uttar Pradesh; in it, a local BJP politician from Sambhal was seen being shot dead at close range.

Anuj Chaudhary, a prominent political figure, was attacked on Thursday night in Moradabad, according to police.

After arriving at the scene and conducting a preliminary inquiry, police reported that political rivalry was the likely cause of murder and purpose for the attack on the BJP leader.

The horrific CCTV footage indicated that the shooters continued firing at the BJP politician even after he had fallen to the ground.

Outside his home, he was shot

Anuj Chaudhary, 34, was shot by three men on bicycles as he walked outside his home in Moradabad.

The gunmen opened fire on the BJP leader in broad daylight, as evidenced by surveillance footage.

UP Crime BJP Leader Shot Dead Outside Moradabad House; Shocking CCTV Footage
UP Crime BJP Leader Shot Dead Outside Moradabad House; Shocking CCTV Footage

Chaudhary was with another person when the incident occurred. Chaudhary was taken to BrightStar Hospital in Moradabad after he was shot. Unfortunately, he was killed by the gunfire.

Watch as Sambhal BJP leader Anuj Chaudhary is gunned down by three gunmen on bikes on Thursday night in Moradabad.

Anuj Chaudhary, so the rumor goes, ran for block chief in Sambha;’s Asmoli block. But he was defeated at the polls.

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The police are conducting a probe

After learning of the gunshot in the evening, police arrived at the scene.

Unknown assailants on bicycles opened fire on 30-year-old Anuj Chowdhary. After being transferred to the hospital, Anuj Chowdhary tragically passed away while receiving care.

The victim’s relatives filed a complaint that led to the filing of a case against Amit Chaudhary and Aniket. Hemraj Meena, the SSP of Moradabad, has stated that more inquiries are being conducted.

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