Congress Party’s Silent Protest Against Vendetta Politics Targeting Rahul Gandhi!!

On July 12, the Shivamogga district unit of the Congress party organized a silent protest in Shivamogga, expressing their concerns over the alleged vendetta politics being pursued by the Narendra Modi-led Union Government.

The protest aimed to highlight the targeting of party leader Rahul Gandhi and to condemn the Centre’s actions. The protest is led by district president H.S. Sundaresh and witnessed the participation of various party members and leaders:

Dharna at Mahatma Gandhi Park

Workers of the Congress party, under the leadership of district president H.S. Sundaresh, staged a dharna (sit-in) at Mahatma Gandhi Park in Shivamogga. This symbolic protest was chosen as a means to voice their dissent against the Centre’s alleged vendetta politics.

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As part of the protest, some participants donned black shirts as a visible sign of their protest against the Centre. The choice of black shirts aimed to emphasize the serious nature of their concerns and their determination to register their disapproval of the government’s actions.

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Allegations of Targeting Rahul Gandhi

During the protest, Mr. Sundaresh addressed the media and accused the Union Government of specifically targeting Rahul Gandhi due to his rising popularity. He claimed that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) could not tolerate Rahul Gandhi’s increasing influence and thus engaged in a campaign of harassment against him.

Mr. Sundaresh highlighted that while it is common for rival parties to criticize each other, the BJP went a step further and filed a defamation case against Rahul Gandhi for political reasons.

Disqualification of Rahul Gandhi and Harassment of Sonia Gandhi

Continuing his statement, Mr. Sundaresh alleged that the BJP deliberately got Rahul Gandhi disqualified as a member of parliament as they were unable to face him politically. He further criticized the BJP for harassing Sonia Gandhi in the National Herald case.

These instances were cited as examples of the Centre’s alleged vendetta politics against the Congress party and its leaders.

Criticism of Centre’s Refusal to Supply Rice

Mr. Sundaresh also criticized the Centre for denying the supply of rice to the Karnataka Government, despite the Food Corporation of India (FCI) having sufficient stock.

He claimed that this decision hindered the implementation of the Anna Bhagya scheme, which aims to provide subsidized rice to the needy. The criticism of the Centre’s actions further strengthened the party’s claims of vendetta politics.

Support from Party Members and Leaders

The protest received support from various Congress party members and leaders. Former legislator Prasanna Kumar and members of the Shivamogga City Corporation joined the protest, demonstrating solidarity with the cause.

Additionally, E. Lakshman, the president of the Hassan district unit, and party leader Shreyas Patel were also present to show their support.

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The silent protest organized by the Shivamogga district unit of the Congress party served as a platform to raise concerns regarding alleged vendetta politics targeting Rahul Gandhi:

Led by district president H.S. Sundaresh, the protest aimed to condemn the Centre’s actions and draw attention to the challenges faced by the Congress party.

The participation of party members and leaders from various districts highlighted the solidarity within the party and the importance attached to addressing these issues.

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