Delhi Metro Video Couple ‘enjoys’ Cold Drink Disgustingly, Sparks Outrage Social Media

Getting kinky is a normal part of being in a relationship, but public displays of sexual intimacy are cause for alarm. A pair was witnessed indulging in sexually suggestive behavior while riding the Delhi metro. The couple filmed themselves ‘enjoying’ a can of cold drink in the most repulsive way possible, right in front of other passengers on the public transportation vehicle. They shared a drink by spitting it into each other’s mouths. SEE VIDEO

Additional Information Regarding the Internet-Wide Phenomenon

First, the man pours the beverage into his girlfriend’s mouth, and then she spits it into his. The couple resumed their pleasurable ritual of passing the liquid between their mouths. The male was sitting on the subway floor while the girl was seated properly and they were engaged in PDA. After completing the spit-sip activity, the couple also documented instances of passionate eye-lock.

People on the internet discuss the recent attack on the Delhi metro.

Netizens were left wondering what was happening to the transport and whether or not it was getting any better after the tragedy. There have been multiple reports of couples engaging in romantic or vulgar behavior on the Delhi metro, causing commuters to worry for their safety and comfort.

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By widely disseminating the footage, internet users hoped to get the attention of law enforcement and prompt them to take appropriate action.

There was also a video of the pair picking noodles out of each other’s mouths that went viral, and many people found it revolting.
The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has already stated that they will increase the number of uniformed security guards that monitor the stations and the trains in response to incidents like this. The change was made in an effort to protect passengers from potential danger and disruption caused by reels and other suspicious activities taking place on the premises.

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