Disgusting! Officer Suspended After Making Indecent Video of Nurse Taking a Bath at a Moradabad Hospital

An alarming event occurred in the city of Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh when a nurse claimed a police officer had filmed her while she was in the shower at the Muradabad Hospital. The accused is a neighbor and coworker of the victim’s nurse who works at the district hospital in Moradabad. According to the nurse, the accused was filming her in the shower with his phone. Tuesday, October 10th, was the day of the incident.

Someone was recording this from above with a mobile phone in his hand

The nurse claimed that at around 7:00 a.m., she went to the bathroom to take a shower. When she got dressed after her shower, she noticed that someone was filming her from above with a cell phone. When the victim finally got dressed and went outside to find out who was filming, she discovered the door had been shut from the inside. There was a woman there, so she requested her to unlock the door.

The Husband of another nurse working there was also present

When she opened the door, she saw another staff nurse’s husband, a police constable, standing there. The nurse demanded that the accused police officer produce his cell phone, but the officer refused, assaulted her, and ran off. The victim then claimed that she had filed a formal complaint against the defendant at the Civil Lines Police Station.

The police officer who is under suspicion remains at large

The police officer who was suspected of the crime remains at large. The authorities have begun searching for the suspect. The suspect’s cell phone was confiscated and taken to the forensics lab for analysis. The accused is the spouse of Moradabad District Hospital staff nurse Anjali Devi. The victim further claimed that the police officer erased the footage as she took his phone.

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The officer has been removed from duty due to the allegations

The police said they have filed a report about the incident, the accused police constable has been placed on administrative leave, and an investigation has been opened. “The investigation of said case has been given to the Superintendent of Police, City, Moradabad,” the police added. The accused police officer has been placed on administrative leave immediately while an inquiry is conducted. If the inquiry confirms the allegations, we will pursue legal action.

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