Drunken Goan Couple Attacks Bartender in Porvorim; Viral Video Results!!

A video of a drunken brawl between two customers at a restaurant in Porvorim, Goa, has gone viral. Two other young people standing by in the restaurant joined in on the argument, and it quickly became hot. There was a rapid escalation to name-calling and physical violence.

A man and a woman verbally and physically assaulted a cashier at a restaurant in Porvorim. The accused person verbally and physically attacked the complainant and his friends when they sought to intervene on behalf of the cashier.

Nidhin Valsan, the superintendent of police for North Goa, was quoted by the news media as saying in a tweet that more inquiry was underway.

Please be aware that the following video contains profanity and other offensive material. Caution is advised for viewers.

A man in a shredded T-shirt and a woman with her shirt ripped off can be seen on camera yelling and threatening two bystanders outside the eatery. As the man begins to fight with the two men outside the restaurant, the woman accompanying him joins in and shouts at them. “Get out of here; this is my Goa,” the woman yells.

The woman mostly fights off the two males outside. She even manages to prevent her partner from helping out.

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Verbal and physical abuse was thrown

Later, we witness the woman and the cashier getting into an argument. But in the meantime, the girl’s boyfriend and one of the males get into an altercation. When the woman sees her partner mistreated, she returns to the fray and begins kicking and punching the aggressor.

Seeing her lover being beaten, the woman decides to intervene. Soon after, the man’s friend, who broke up the fight between the girl’s boyfriends, shows up. The woman can be heard saying, “You know who he is,” referring to her lover, even after the combatants have been separated. Conflict escalates According to reports, the authorities are investigating the event after a video of it went viral.

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