During a State of High Alert in France, the World-famous Louvre Museum Was Evacuated Due to a Bomb Threat

During a time of heightened security concerns in France, the Louvre Museum was evacuated due to a bomb threat. On Saturday, after receiving a written warning that the museum would be closing, a large number of people, including families with children, could be seen leaving the massive building on the banks of the River Seine in the heart of Paris.

During the necessary evacuation, sirens could be heard from every room, At 11 a.m., people began leaving the underground shopping mall located beneath the famous glass pyramid of the Louvre in response to the evacuation order.

A museum official explained that the decision was made after the French government declared a high-security threat level in the country after a fatal school stabbing involving a suspected extremist.

After announcing the shutdown on social media, they claimed, “The Louvre received a written message stating that there was a risk to the museum and its visitors.” We’ve decided to close everything down for the day and evacuate the area so we can make sure everything is safe.

No injuries were recorded, and this was confirmed by the Louvre’s communication department as well. People were seen leaving the building in a rush and pausing to take photos in videos uploaded to the internet.
The Louvre, which is home to the Mona Lisa and other famous works of art, is the most popular museum in the world. Each day, it receives between 30,000 and 40,000 people.

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In response to Friday’s school attack, the French government raised the threat level and sent in an additional 7,000 troops to increase security. The French government has come forth with information that an ex-student suspected of radicalization shot and killed a teacher and three other people before being caught.

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