Netizens Say Hamas Shared a Video of a Doll That Said It Was a Kid Killed in an Israeli Attack by Accident.

Tel Aviv: Since the battle between Israel and the Islamist group Hamas broke out, many videos have been spreading on social media. Internet users are split between those who favor Israel and those who support Palestine in light of the awful films that have gone viral. Nonetheless, opinions on a viral video are split within online communities. According to reports, militant Hamas broadcast the video in an effort to demonize Israel.

The footage supposedly originates in the Gaza Strip

According to the video’s description, it was filmed in the Gaza Strip during Israeli airstrikes launched in reprisal for the Hamas attack. The footage clearly shows a youngster being murdered by Israeli bombs. On the other hand, some internet users have claimed that the child’s body in the video is actually a doll meant to convey propaganda and fake information in an attempt to garner international sympathy.


The extremist outfit Hamas is being accused of releasing the video

It is speculated that the Hamas militant group has uploaded the footage online in an effort to smear Israel. For the past week, Israel has been pounding the Gaza Strip in response to Hamas rocket attacks and border incursions that killed Israeli civilians. The hospital authorities are shown in the video delivering the body of a child to the child’s father. The hospital worker is seen carrying the body, which is wrapped in a shroud, to the father of the child.

It’s a doll within a shroud, not a genuine corpse

Some people on the internet have claimed that the white fabric covering the corpse is actually a doll. One individual who posted the video online said that Hamas militants had originally published it before deleting it after they learned that it had gone viral. A user said, “It’s amazing, actually.” The Palestinian Authority’s propaganda machine has gone berserk. They posted a video of a doll that they claimed had been damaged in an Israeli military strike.

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Web users Condemn Hamas

Someone else put it succinctly: “Hamas is desperate!” Wait for the catch: they just released a video of a dead Palestinian infant. No, you read that right; that’s a baby doll, not a real baby. “Many such fake videos are circulating to create a false narrative of Israel’s barbarianism,” one online user claimed. However, Israel is supposed to follow through on its promises without being swayed by falsehoods. The video’s veracity could not be verified at press time.

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