Breaking News: Fire breaks out in Delhi Girls PG hostel – Swift rescue ensures safety of 35 girls!!

In a startling turn of events, a massive fire erupted within a girls’ PG hostel, located in the bustling Mukherjee Nagar area of Delhi. This incident, while causing great alarm, showcased the efficiency of the local authorities in swiftly responding to the crisis. Let’s delve into the details of this incident and how the situation was promptly handled.

The Blaze Unleashed

On that fateful day, flames roared through the PG hostel, prompting an immediate response from the Delhi Fire Service. A total of 20 fire tenders rushed to the scene to battle the inferno, which threatened the lives of numerous residents.

A Miracle Amidst Chaos

Despite the intensity of the blaze, a miracle unfolded as no casualties were reported. Credit goes to the dedicated firefighters and their impeccable strategy, which ensured the safe evacuation of the girls who were trapped in the building.

Investigating the Origins

Initial assessments indicate that the fire likely originated from a short circuit near the meter board, situated adjacent to the staircase. The rapid spread of the flames to the upper floors added to the chaos in the vicinity.

Swift Response

In the face of this crisis, the Delhi Police, in coordination with the fire brigade, acted swiftly. DCP (North West District) Jitendra Kumar Meena stated that a fire call was received at approximately 7:45 AM, triggering an immediate response. Fortunately, all the students, who were diligently preparing for competitive exams, emerged unharmed.

Safety Measures and Accountability

While it appears that a short circuit may have triggered the disaster, a thorough investigation will be conducted to ascertain the exact cause. Additionally, authorities have vowed to inspect fire safety equipment to prevent such incidents in the future.

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Words of Concern from Delhi CM

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal expressed his concern on social media platform X, assuring the public of prompt action. He stated, “This incident of fire in a PG in Mukherjee Nagar area is very sad. The district administration and fire department have been instructed to safely evacuate the children present in the PG as soon as possible. We are constantly keeping an eye on this.”

Successful Rescue Operation

Delhi Fire Service Director Atul Garg commended the dedicated efforts of the rescue teams, saying, “When we received information about the fire, we dispatched a total of 20 vehicles. This operation lasted for about 1 hour, and all the girls had been saved and were in good health. The fire originated due to a short circuit in the meter box located on the stairs. A search operation is underway to ensure that no child is trapped.”

Political Response

In the wake of this incident, political discussions have surfaced. BJP leader Tejender Pal Bagga took the initiative to address the situation on social media, raising concerns and calling for support.

In conclusion, the fire at the girls’ PG hostel in Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar area was a harrowing incident that showcased the importance of quick and coordinated responses in times of crisis. Thanks to the timely intervention of the authorities and the dedication of the rescue teams, a potential catastrophe was averted, and all the girls remained safe. As investigations continue, it is a reminder of the critical need for fire safety measures and preparedness in such establishments.

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