Flash Flood Tragedy Swept Away 4 Girls in J&K’s Kathua: Two Killed, Others Rescued!!

A devastating flash flood in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua district claimed the lives of two students, while another was injured, and one was successfully rescued. The incident occurred in the Dall Khadd of Bajoi Billawar town on Saturday.

The flash flood swept away four girls returning home after school. Rescue operations were launched promptly, resulting in the recovery of two bodies and the safe rescue of two other students.

The tragic incident has led to expressions of condolences from Union Minister Jitendra Singh, who emphasized the need for caution during inclement weather.

The flash flood victims were Radha Devi (13) and Monica Devi (13). According to Kathua SSP SDS Jamwal, the girls were returning home from school when they were swept away by the flash flood in a brook near Dall:

Despite immediate rescue efforts, Radha Devi and Monica Devi, both students of class 6, tragically lost their lives. One girl, a class 8 student, was successfully rescued, while another girl suffered injuries.

Union Minister Jitendra Singh expressed his condolences to the families affected by the tragedy. In a tweet, he acknowledged the incident and stated that his office is coordinating with the administration to provide necessary assistance.

Singh also urged parents to exercise caution during inclement weather and advised against allowing children to venture out in such conditions.

Four girls swept away by flash floods in Jammu Kathua

All four girls involved in the tragedy were Government Kasturba Gandhi School students near Nangalla. The area where the incident occurred is described as hilly and remote, which may have posed additional challenges for rescue operations.

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The flash flood incident in Kathua, Jammu, and Kashmir, resulted in the tragic loss of two young lives and injured another student. Prompt rescue efforts saved one girl, underscoring the importance of immediate action during such natural calamities.

Union Minister Jitendra Singh extended his condolences to the bereaved families and offered support from his office. As the affected families mourn their loss, the incident reminds everyone to exercise caution and prioritize safety during inclement weather conditions.

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