Who Is Gama Pehlwan Son, And What Is His Legacy In The World Of Wrestling?

When it comes to describing the renowned wrestler as none other than Gama Pehalwan, even the titles Rustam-e-Hind (Champion of India) and Rustam-e-Zamana (Champion of the Universe) fall short. Despite the passage of time, Gama Pehalwan continues to serve as an inspiration to wrestlers all around the world.

Gama, who is also known as “The Undefeated,” hasn’t lost a game in more than fifty years, and everyone in the Indian region still loves him. We will provide you with information about Gama Pehalwan, specifically his son, in this article.

Gama Pehalwan’s Son

The father of Indian wrestler Gama Pehalwan was Muhammad Aziz Baksh. Imam Baksh Pehalwan was the wrestler’s brother. He was a Muslim.

Gama wed Wazeer Begum and another woman twice in his lifetime. He has four daughters and five sons. Nawaz Sharif’s wife, Kalsoom Nawaz, is his granddaughter. The spouse of Jhara Pehalwan is Kalsoom’s sister, Saira Bano, who is also Gama’s granddaughter.

Aslam Pehalwan is one of his five sons. He was the World Heavyweight Champion in professional wrestling and a wrestler from Pakistan. In December 1968, Wrestling Review’s “Official Wrestling Rating” gave him the ninth-best overall ranking.

Gama Pehalwan's Son
Gama Pehalwan’s Son

Biography Of Gama Pehalwan

The Great Gama, well known by his ring name Gama Pehalwan, was born Ghulam Muhammad Baksh on May 22, 1878, in the town of Jabbowal, Amritsar, Punjab, British India, into a traditional Kashmiri Muslim family of wrestlers. His lineage had a reputation for producing excellent wrestlers.

He maintained his reputation for challenging various domestically and even internationally renowned wrestlers to defeat him throughout his entire lifetime. This renowned wrestler was so good that he could finish out his opponents in just a few minutes.

Gama Pehalwan’s Exercise & Diet

If reports are to be true, The Great Gama consumed more than a pound of crushed almond paste every day, along with six desi fowl and two gallons (7.5 liters) of milk.

His everyday workout wasn’t always a piece of cake. Gama used to wrestle on the court with 40 of his fellow wrestlers. Gama also used to perform 5,000 squats and 3,000 pushups each day.

The Great Gama used to squat while using a 95 kg training disc in the form of a doughnut. The disc is currently on exhibit in Patiala’s National Institute of Sports (NIS) Museum.

Wrestling Career At Its Inception

Gama lost his father, Muhammad Aziz Baksh, a well-known wrestler when he was only six years old. Nun Pahalwan, a wrestler, and his maternal grandfather took care of him after the death of his father. After Nun Pahalwan passed away, Gama was placed under the care of his wrestler, Uncle Ida, who taught him the fundamentals of the sport.

Initial Recognition And Training

Gama made his first impression when he participated in a strongman tournament in Jodhpur in 1888 when he was just 10 years old. Gama finished in the top 15 of the competition, and the Maharaja of Jodhpur was so moved by Gama’s performance that, despite Gama’s youth, he was named the winner.

When the Maharaja of Datia heard about Gama’s prowess in wrestling, he put him through training, and from that point on, Gama’s career as a professional wrestler began.

An Exceptional Accomplishment

Gama Pehalwan pulled a stone weighing more than 1,200 kilos while traveling to the then-Baroda state (modern-day Vadodara) to see a wrestling match. The stone is currently on display in the Baroda Museum.

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The Spiral Of Change

Gama, a Kashmiri wrestler from Gujranwala, now in Punjab, Pakistan, who was then the Indian wrestling champion, was challenged by him in 1895 when he was just 17 years old. Raheem Bakhsh Sultani Wala was a middle-aged man who stood close to 7 feet tall and had a distinguished resume. After hours of action, the match was declared a draw.

Gama’s career changed dramatically after his fight with Raheem Bakhsh Sultani Wala. With the exception of Raheem Bakhsh Sultani Wala, Gama had defeated every notable Indian wrestler he had faced by 1910. Gama began concentrating on the rest of the world following his domestic accomplishments.

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