Varthur Santhosh Age: From Humble Beginnings To Ageless Achievements!!

Indian farmer and social activist Varthur Santhosh is well-known for his work to preserve Hallikar cows, a local breed of cattle that originated in Karnataka. He participates in the reality competition Bigg Boss Kannada 10 and was recently in the news after the forest department detained him for wearing a tiger claw pendant, which is prohibited by the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 and is punishable by fines. We will examine the details pertaining to Varthur Santhosh in this article.

Varthur Santhosh’s Age

Varthur Santhosh Abhimani, popularly known as Santosh Kumar S., was born on March 12 in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Since his precise birth year has yet to be made public, his current age is still being determined. He went to Lady Vailankanni English School in Bengaluru, and his close ones call him Appi. His admirers have dubbed him by names like Hallikar Santhosh and VS Boss.

Career And Accomplishments Of Varthur Santhosh

Varthur Santhosh works as a farmer and herds cattle. He engages in things like animal husbandry and owns a lot of animals. He holds a real estate company in addition to his cow-selling enterprise in Bengaluru. The Hallikar cows, a vital component of Karnataka’s agricultural legacy and conservation efforts, are particularly close to his heart.

Hallikar cows are renowned for their power, stamina, flexibility, and high-quality milk. They can also be used to pull carts and plow fields. However, the population of Hallikar cows has severely decreased over time as a result of numerous factors, including urbanization, cross-breeding, industrialization, and lack of knowledge.

Career And Accomplishments Of Varthur Santhosh
Career And Accomplishments Of Varthur Santhosh

After the passing of his father, a farmer, Varthur Santhosh, developed an interest in protecting the Hallikar breed. He began gathering and raising Hallikar cows from various locations in Karnataka and surrounding regions. Additionally, he founded and served as chairman of the All India Hallikar Breed Conservation Committee. The committee’s objectives are to increase public and farmer awareness of and support for the Hallikar breed.

Santhosh has received awards and recognition at numerous events for his efforts to preserve the Hallikar cows. He has taken part in a number of cattle fairs and shows where he has displayed his Hallikar cows and given talks about their value to the public.

He has also been recognized for his work on animal welfare and rural development by a number of institutions and organizations. He participated in the reality competition Bigg Boss Kannada 10 in 2023, which actor Sudeep hosted. He didn’t have any prior expertise in the entertainment sector and joined the show as a regular person.

Varthur Santhosh’s Journey To Bigg Boss

The producers of the reality series “Bigg Boss Kannada 10,” which is hosted by well-known actor Sudeep, were drawn to Santhosh’s social following and his work for Hallikar conservation. He was contacted by the show’s crew and asked to compete in the tenth season, which debuted on the Colors Kannada channel on October 3, 2023.

Varthur Santhosh accepted the invitation and joined the other 16 candidates inside the Bigg Boss house. He was regarded as a straightforward, sincere, and humble individual who was proud of his farming upbringing and his passion for animals. However, recently, he has been arrested for wearing a tiger claw pendant.

Throughout numerous tasks and events in the show, he also demonstrated his abilities in singing, dancing, and comedy. He garnered a lot of love and votes from the audience and rapidly rose to the top as a fan favorite.

Varthur Santhosh’s Devotion For Hallikar Cows

Santhosh’s love for Hallikar cows is a result of his tragedy as well as his cultural background. After the passing of his father, who was also a farmer, he claimed that farming became his passion. He chose to carry on his father’s legacy after receiving his father’s land and livestock. Additionally, he grew to have a strong bond with Hallikar cows, which are essential to Karnataka’s agricultural tradition and legacy.

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One of India’s oldest and finest breeds of cattle is the Hallikar. It is indigenous to the southern state of Karnataka, where members of the Halli community have been raising it for decades. The big horns, hump, dewlap, black or grey coat, and sturdy disposition of Hallikar cows are some of its distinguishing characteristics.

They are resistant to illnesses and have a good adaptation to the local climate conditions. They are primarily utilized for draught activities like raking leaves, dragging carts, and moving objects. They are highly prized for their milk, which has therapeutic qualities and is high in fat content.

Due to a number of issues, including crossbreeding, urbanization, mechanization, the loss of grazing pastures, ignorance, and government negligence, the Hallikar breed is in danger of going extinct. There are currently just about 50,000 purebred Hallikar cows in Karnataka, according to some estimates. To learn more about this and other fascinating topics, visit Digi Hind News.

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