Unbelievable Video: Garlic Trader Showcased Naked Over ₹3,000 Debt in Noida Fruit Market!!

A frightening video showing a moneylender in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida stripping a garlic vendor naked in a fruit market over a disagreement of 3,000 has gone viral on social media.

The video appears to have been shot near the Noida Phase 2 market, where the alleged incident took place.

According to reports, some marketgoers resorted to violence after the victim failed to pay the remaining balance. They allegedly stripped him naked and paraded him through the streets.

Check out the video below

The government takes action

The City Magistrate suspended the offender’s license after the video went viral, and a First Information Report (FIR) was filed at the Phase 2 police station.

Amit, the complainant, disclosed to the authorities that he runs a garlic cart business. On Tuesday, he repaid Sundar the remaining $2,500 of the $5,600 he had borrowed from him a month earlier. He wanted to put off making the final payment until a later time.

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Pursued by accusers

There has been a lot of indignation over the video, but the perpetrator is still at large. An alarm is expected to sound soon.

The Saraswati Trading Company, according to City Magistrate Dharmendra Kumar, is located in the second phase of the city. Sundar is connected to the firm and has operated his store in Phase 2 for many years. His driving privileges were suspended immediately after the incident was reported.

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