Haryana Horror: Toll Plaza Workers in Sonipat Brutally Beat Couple, Woman Pulled by Hair and Punched in Face!!

Shocking footage of toll booth workers in Haryana engaging in hooliganism at the Sonipat toll plaza on National Highway has surfaced online. After an argument, the toll plaza staff can be seen in the video hitting a man and a woman.

The clip is quickly becoming widely shared online. The footage shows the workers assaulting the woman with sticks, rods, and pipes. The entire thing was recorded on video. The couple is considered husband and wife.

The man and the woman were involved because they were driving in the incorrect direction prior to the event

The man and the woman got into trouble since they were approaching the toll booth from the wrong way. After being halted by toll booth employees who requested them to turn around, the drivers got into it.

A second guy and a lady were also riding in the car when they were assaulted by toll booth employees. The personnel at the Murthal toll plaza in Sonipat attacked the two men with a stick and a rod. A worker at the toll naka allegedly hit the woman in the face and twisted her hair.

Workers at the toll booth claimed the couple was intoxicated

Toll booth workers claimed the male driver and female passenger were intoxicated and heading in the wrong direction. Misbehavior on the part of the vehicle’s occupants led to a confrontation with toll plaza workers when they attempted to halt the vehicle.

Toll Plaza Workers in Sonipat Brutally Beat Couple
Toll Plaza Workers in Sonipat Brutally Beat Couple

After pushing the toll booth workers, the woman can be seen on the footage striking and slapping them. Authorities at the toll booth reported that the situation was resolved amicably after the driver accepted fault.

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Authorities at the toll booth contacted law enforcement in Murthal

After a struggle broke out between the man and the woman at the toll booth, authorities contacted the Murthal police. After receiving a complaint about the situation, police apprehended seven people who worked at the toll booth. Saturday night’s (September 9) incident reportedly ended with both sides settling the dispute out of court. After realizing their error, the man and woman left.

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