Halloween or Navratri? : Two Dancers in ‘the Nun’ Costumes Perform Garba in Go-viral Video, Internet Responds

There’s a video of a wild Garba party that’s going viral, and you can’t miss it. It featured revelers in ‘The Nun’ costumes dancing and celebrating Navratri. We strongly advise you to watch it, but if you choose not to, you do it at your own risk.

Check out the clip right here:

Can you tell me what it is that you see in the video?

The video shows two individuals in terrifying costumes performing certain Garba moves on the dance floor. Not only did they master the dancing steps, but they also got everyone’s attention at the party. Both wore long black gowns and scarves to mimic the character’s costume in the horror flick.

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The Public Reacts

An X user noticed the video when it was going viral and gave it the name “Halloween Garba.” “Exploring the Intersectionality between Garba and Halloween,” another person said. Some, however, felt the clothing worn during the Navratri rite to be offensive and rejected it. I don’t see why hosts put up with these morons. They are an enemy to our magnificent culture,” the response stated.

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