Kerala: Bike Hits 2 Girl Students Crossing Road In Muvattupuzha; One Dead

In Muvattupuzha, Kerala, a biker struck and killed one of two female college students who were crossing the street in front of their school. The other was seriously injured.

On Wednesday, a two-wheeler reportedly going too fast collided with a group of college students near the Nirmala College in the mentioned region, causing severe injuries.

R Namitha was confirmed to be the victim, and Anusree Raj was the lucky survivor. Anson Roy, 22, was riding his bike when he was hit by a car and injured, according to local news reports.

A CCTV camera captured the terrifying episode that ultimately led to the death of a 20-year-old woman, and the film has since gone viral on the internet.

(Caution: Explicit Scenes in the Following Video)

The rest of the class rushes over to assist the two.

In the first scene of the tense video, the two protagonists emerge from school and wait at a crosswalk. They wait for a few cars to pass, then dash across the street as they realize it’s clear. A bike crashes into them, unfortunately.

The footage shows that the other college students on-site instantly ran to the girls’ aid after the tragedy.

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Officers observe a motorcyclist.

Namitha was reportedly brought to the hospital but could not be saved; her friend had sustained brain injuries from a severe fall. Anson, the alleged biker, has a criminal history, according to police reports.

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