Leopard Sighting Near Bengaluru’s Electronic City, Forest Rangers On Alert Duty!!

Bengaluru’s Electronic City, popularly known as the “information technology corridor of India,” has made headlines lately due to flooding and traffic jams, but now there’s another cause to be excited: a leopard that has been on the hunt for over four days. All the details on leopard sighting near Bengaluru’s Electronic City are covered in this article. So, keep reading!!

Leopard Sighting Near Bengaluru’s Electronic City

The leopard sighting near Bengaluru’s Electronic City was made public last week when security camera footage of the large animal strolling around the streets at night surfaced. A different video that surfaced on Monday showed the leopard being seen in a residential complex’s parking lot. The forest department has established three squads, each with ten people, and warned the public not to go outside at night.

In the tweet below, you can view the official footage of a leopard moving around Bengaluru streets:

Doctors from the Bannerghatta Zoological Gardens have been called in to take precautions, and cages have been installed in the area, according to Subhash K. Malkhede, principal chief conservator of forests (wildlife) and chief wildlife warden of Karnataka. Tranquillizer weapons have also been supplied to the forest officials. He remarked, “As soon as we spot the leopard, we will take it away and tranquillise it if required.”

A forest authority, however, claimed that the video going around claiming to show the leopard near Singasandra in Electronic City was actually near the Bannerghatta National Park.

Leopard Sighting Near Bengaluru's Electronic City
Leopard Sighting Near Bengaluru’s Electronic City

The official said, “Also, we are trying to locate the leopard and have asked the public and security staff of the apartments to pass the message. We are watching the movements of stray dogs, which might be hunted by the leopard.”

There are several biotechnology and information technology companies in Electronic City, and the people who live there are terrified. It has been recommended to the locals not to go out alone at night or in the evening. They can use autos or public transportation if necessary.

Based on an analysis of the leopard’s activities, two cages have been set up, and two drones are being utilized to see if the animal is hiding in the vegetated regions. The deputy conservator of forests for Bengaluru Urban, N Ravindra Kumar, stated that thermal imaging cameras are being deployed for monitoring.

Check out the recent news here:

The leopard, which is thought to be about two years old, may have wandered into the city from the Bannerghatta National Park, according to forest department officials. To keep local people secure, police officers have been stationed near apartment buildings.

In November and December of last year, several reports of seeing leopards in Bengaluru were made. On December 1, a spotted deer carcass believed to have been killed by a leopard was discovered in Bengaluru South’s Kodipalya, close to Kengeri. A calf was killed by a leopard on November 19 in the vicinity of Turahalli State Forest.

That concludes our discussion on leopard sighting near Bengaluru’s Electronic City. We will update this article as soon as we learn about any updates on leopard sighting near Bengaluru’s Electronic City. For more recent and fascinating news, visit our page, Digi Hind News, in the interim.

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