Up Police Have Filed a Fir Against Mohammad Zubair for Tweeting a Minor’s Identity!!

In a shocking incident in Muzaffarnagar, an FIR has been filed against Alt News Co-Founder Mohammad Zubair for revealing the identity of a minor.

In recent incidents, the Uttar Pradesh Police has taken legal action against Alt News co-founder and fact checker Mohammad Zubair for revealing the identity of a minor involved in a tragic incident at a school in Muzaffarnagar.
The incident attracted widespread attention after a video of the incident went viral on various social media platforms.

Disclosure of FIR

In the First Information Report (FIR) dated August 28, Mohd Zubair has been identified as the accused party responsible for disclosing sensitive information relating to the minor. This FIR emphasizes the seriousness of revealing the identity of a minor involved in such a disturbing case.

Controversial video

The controversy revolved around a video that was shared by Zubair on his social media account, formerly known as Twitter (now X). The video in question clearly depicts the victim, a young Muslim student, as well as the persons responsible for slapping him. Zubair’s post shed light on the incident, which initially only appeared to gain momentum after being widely circulated on social media platforms.

Behind the scenes

Along with sharing the video, Zubair also mocked the social fabric that she has gotten engaged to the child’s father. According to Zubair’s post, the father had chosen not to pursue the matter further by filing a formal complaint, possibly to avoid getting involved with the police or court. It also had a history of garnering headlines for misinformation, such as appearing to side with select issues and a particular line of thought.

Up Police Have Filed a Fir Against Mohammad Zubair for Tweeting a Minor's Identity.
Up Police Have Filed a Fir Against Mohammad Zubair for Tweeting a Minor’s Identity.

NCPCR stand

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), the apex body responsible for protecting the rights of children in the country, had earlier issued an appeal to the public not to reveal the identity of the minor involved in the unfortunate incident.

NCPCR Chairperson Priyank Kanungo expressed concern on this matter and issued a statement. He urged everyone to refrain from sharing videos while stressing the need to report such incidents through email instead of continuing the crime by exposing the identity of the children.

NCPCR’s appeal, Mohammad Zubair removed the video from his account on his social media platform X (formerly Twitter). He attributed the action to the commission’s request, saying, “The video was removed because NCPCR wanted people to remove the video.” This reflects their willingness to cooperate with the authorities in ensuring that the identity of the minor is protected.

Disturbing video content

The video that has sparked a controversy captures a shocking scene from a private school in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar. In the footage, a teacher can be seen instructing class 2 students to physically attack their classmates from the minority community. Additionally, he is also heard making derogatory remarks against the community, adding another layer of distress to this disturbing incident.

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In conclusion, the situation around the Muzaffarnagar school incident is extremely worrying, legal action is being taken against those sharing information related to it. This underlines the importance of handling sensitive matters involving minors with utmost care and respect for their privacy. We can only hope that justice is done in this unfortunate episode.

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