Communal Nuh Violence Spreads to Gurugram; DC Ensures Control and Dialogue!!

A large crowd of approximately 500 individuals engaged in stone-pelting and set fire to four shops and a cab near Ambedkar Chowk in the Sohna area.

The situation called for immediate action by the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Nishant Kumar Yadav, who intervened to pacify the warring communities. Although there were no casualties, the incident led to the imposition of Section 144 in Gurugram.

The outbreak of communal violence in Nuh on Monday spilled over to Gurugram, prompting a swift response from local authorities:

Ongoing meetings between the two groups aimed at resolving the conflict were underway at the time of reporting. DC Nishant Kumar Yadav played a crucial role in controlling the escalating situation. Prompt action by the fire brigade prevented further damage when the rioters set shops ablaze.

Nuh Violence in Gurugram

The administration sealed the borders with Nuh initially to prevent the unrest from spreading, but rumors on social media contributed to the eruption of violence in Sohna. Despite the challenges, the situation was brought under control, and dialogue between community leaders continued in an effort to restore harmony.

To curb the spread of misinformation and inflammatory content, the cyber cells of Gurugram, Faridabad, and Palwal have been activated.

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Administrations and police in all three districts issued an advisory, urging residents to maintain peace and refrain from sharing any provocative videos. Stricter penalties await those who violate these warnings, including the possibility of having their social media accounts blocked.

Law enforcement agencies have recognized the impact of certain cow vigilante groups’ social media activities in fueling tensions within the districts. In response, these groups have been advised to limit their online engagement. This measure aims to prevent further escalation of communal strife.

In the midst of the turmoil, families of participants in the Brij Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra, who are stranded in Nuh, sought assistance from administrations in Faridabad and Gurugram. These authorities are collaborating with their counterparts in Nuh to gather information and organize rescue operations for the stranded individuals.

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