UP: Sub Inspector Yogendra Sharma jumped in front of the train in Saharanpur today. Survives With Hand Fracture; Shocking Picture Surfaces!

In a distressing event today from Saharanpur district, a brave few came to the rescue of a police sub-inspector on the brink of a life-altering decision. This incident highlights the often unspoken challenges and mental stress our law enforcers face.

The Kotwali Sadar Bazar area under the District Hospital bridge became the site of a heart-stopping moment. Sub Inspector Yogendra Sharma, stationed at Kotwali Sadar Bazar, made an impulsive decision to end his life by stepping onto the path of an oncoming train.

Mr. Sharma, a seasoned sub-inspector of around 50 years of age, is well-known in the Kotwali Sadar Bazaar vicinity. This morning’s incident came as a shock to many. After leaving his rented abode near Vishwakarma Chowk, he headed straight to the railway tracks beneath the district hospital bridge, placing himself in harm’s way.

However, fate had a different plan

May everything be fine by the grace of God, A swift response from alert bystanders made all the difference. Their quick thinking led to the train’s copilot being signaled just in time, allowing him to apply the emergency brake. Although this prompt action saved Mr. Sharma’s life, it did result in an injury to his hand, which later was diagnosed as a fracture.

Inspector Ramesh Chandra, who also serves in the Kotwali Sadar Bazaar area, commented on the situation, stating that the precise causes behind Mr. Sharma’s drastic action remain uncertain. It is, however, widely known that he was grappling with substantial mental anguish and was seeking professional help. Following the day’s traumatic events, Sharma has been transferred from Saharanpur to Muzaffarnagar for comprehensive medical attention.

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Originally from Saidpur in the Bulandshahr district, Yogendra Sharma has dedicated a significant portion of his life to serving as a sub-inspector in the Kotwali Sadar Bazaar area, making this incident all the more unsettling for those who know him.

This episode serves as a stark reminder of the pressures and challenges our police force deals with daily, and the importance of mental health support in every profession. We wish Mr. Sharma a speedy recovery and hope that he receives the care and support he needs during this difficult time.

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