What is The Real Cause of Rajiv Dixit Mysterious Death? Discover More About his Deeds!

Rajiv Dixit, born on 30 November 1967, was an Indian activist known for his passionate promotion of Ayurveda, his staunch opposition to allopathic medicine, and his relentless crusade against multinational corporations. His life was marked by controversy and dedication to his causes.

However, his sudden demise on his 43rd birthday, on 30th November 2010, continues to be shrouded in mystery and intrigue. In this article, we delve into the life, career, and the enigma surrounding Rajiv Dixit’s death.

Rajiv Dixit Early Life and Education

Rajiv Dixit’s journey began in Firozabad, where he received his primary and middle school education. Born on 30th November 1967 in Nah, Atrauli, Aligarh, U.P., India, Rajiv Dixit completed his schooling in Firozabad. He pursued higher education at J.K. Institute, Allahabad, and IIT Kanpur, earning an M.Tech degree.

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The Bharat Swabhiman Trust

Dixit’s path to prominence was paved by his strong views on the adulteration of foreign products and his fervent support for the “Swadeshi over Videshi” (Indian over foreign) movement between 2000 and 2009. His life took a pivotal turn in early 2009 when he crossed paths with the renowned yogi, Baba Ramdev.

By December of that year, Rajiv Dixit was appointed as the Spokesperson and National Secretary of Baba Ramdev’s ambitious endeavour, the Bharat Swabhiman Trust:

The Tragic End During Chhattisgarh Rally

On November 29, 2010, Rajiv Dixit delivered a speech at Durgh as part of the Chhattisgarh rally organized by the Bharat Swabhiman Trust. However, tragedy struck on his return journey when he was overcome by excessive sweating. He was rushed to the Durgh ashram and, later, admitted to the ICU at BSR Apollo Hospital in Bhilai.

The following day, to the shock of many, doctors declared him dead. His body was swiftly transported to Haridwar for cremation via a chartered plane, following Baba Ramdev’s request. It was during this moment, just before cremation, that the mystery deepened. Observers noticed a peculiar blue discolouration on his lips and face.

The Mysterious Death

Rajiv Dixit passed away on 30th November 2010 in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. Initially, he was taken to Sector 9 Hospital in Bhilai and later transferred to the BSR Apollo Hospital. Dr. Dilip Ratnani attributed his death to a massive heart attack that occurred between 1 and 2 AM.

His body was flown to Aligarh on December 1st without undergoing an autopsy. In 2019, the Prime Minister’s Office ordered an investigation into his death.

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Rajiv Dixit Death Mystery Unfolds

Rumours and questions immediately began to swirl, giving birth to the Rajiv Dixit death mystery. A group of supporters and relatives demanded a postmortem examination. According to Madan Dubey, a close associate of Dixit, he and a group of supporters confronted Baba Ramdev with their grievances.

rajiv dixit death reason

Dubey cited differences, power struggles, and jealousy among various elements as potential reasons behind Dixit’s untimely demise. As emotions ran high and supporters gathered around Rajiv Dixit’s body, Baba Ramdev announced that a postmortem was against Hindu Dharma and insisted on an immediate cremation.

In a tense moment, Pradeep Dixit, Rajiv’s brother, who was present at the time, declined the postmortem request, citing the gathered crowd and his inability to defy Ramdev.

The Controversial Belief

Some of Rajiv Dixit’s followers believe that he was poisoned to death due to his relentless activism against multinational companies in India and abroad. While some supporters pointed fingers at Baba Ramdev as he denied any foul play.

The Unanswered Question: Natural Death or Murder?

The question of whether Rajiv Dixit’s death was a result of natural causes or something more mysterious. The absence of a postmortem report, the immediate cremation, and Pradeep Dixit’s silence have all contributed to the enduring mystery surrounding his passing:

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Lesser-Known Facts About Rajiv Dixit

  • Campaigning Against Corruption During his activism, Dixit called for the decentralization of the Indian taxation system, attributing bureaucratic corruption to the existing system. He asserted that a significant portion of tax revenue went towards politicians’ and bureaucrats’ salaries.
  • Educational Reforms: Rajiv Dixit also endeavoured to bring about educational reforms in India.
  • He was a non-smoker and abstained from alcohol.
  • Rajiv Dixit’s grandfather was a freedom fighter.
  • He collaborated with the late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam on a project.
  • A pivotal moment during his studies in the Netherlands highlighted the importance of native languages to him.
  • His assault on Swiss businessman Arthur Dunkel led to his arrest and imprisonment in Tihar Jail.
  • In 1997, he acquired historical documents related to Indian Independence from European libraries.
  • In 2009, he and Baba Ramdev co-founded the “Bharat Swabhiman Movement” to combat corruption and foreign companies:

  • Rajiv Dixit claimed not to have any medication or pills for 20 years.
  • He spent ₹800 per month on newspapers and magazines to stay informed.

Rajiv Dixit was famous for his dedication, beliefs, and commitment to Indian Ayurvedic practices and industries. However, the circumstances surrounding his death remain a subject of intense speculation and controversy.

The absence of a postmortem report has left the question of whether his death was natural or a result of foul play unanswered. Rajiv Dixit’s legacy endures through his followers and his enduring impact on the Swadeshi movement in India.

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