Sheetal Thakur and Vikrant Massey To be Parents Soon: Love Story From Screen Romance to Real-Life!!

Get ready for a heartwarming tale of love that transcends both reel and real life! Sheetal Thakur and Vikrant Massey, whose on-screen romance blossomed into a real-life love story, are now set to embark on a joyous journey of parenthood.

From their first meeting on the sets to becoming co-stars and eventually soulmates, their story is a testament to the enduring power of love.

Sheetal Thakur and Vikrant Massey: On-Set Love Story

In a world of fast-paced dating, there exist timeless love stories that unfold gradually, just like the tale of actors Vikrant Massey and Sheetal Thakur. Their love story didn’t start with a swipe or a blind date; it began on the sets of their work, where destiny seemed to have scripted their journey towards forever.

Sheetal Thakur and Vikrant Massey: Co-Stars Turned Soulmates

Vikrant Massey and Sheetal Thakur first crossed paths while working together on the 2018 ALTBalaji series, “Broken But Beautiful.” Surprisingly, this wasn’t the first time they encountered each other. Their initial connection dates back to 2015, long before they became co-stars.

During the filming of the series, their on-screen chemistry wasn’t the only thing sizzling. Off-screen, they discovered a deeper connection and love blossomed. Gradually, they transformed from co-stars into a couple deeply in love.

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Sheetal Thakur and Vikrant Massey Engagement

After dating for a while, Vikrant and Sheetal decided to take the next step in their journey by getting engaged in 2019. Their engagement was a private and close-knit affair, marked by the presence of their families and dear friends.

It was a simple yet heartfelt celebration of their love. Interestingly, Vikrant Massey himself shared snippets of their engagement ceremony with the media, giving a glimpse into their cherished moment.

Sheetal Thakur pregnant

Sheetal Thakur and Vikrant Massey: Pandemic Love Story

With their hearts set on a future together, the couple initially planned to tie the knot soon after their engagement. However, fate had other plans as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted their wedding preparations. Despite the challenges, their commitment to each other remained unwavering.

During this period, Vikrant and Sheetal embarked on a house-hunting journey and eventually settled into a beautiful sea-facing apartment. They chose to live together before officially becoming husband and wife, embracing a live-in relationship that deepened their bond.

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Sheetal Thakur and Vikrant Massey Marriage Promises

After years of love, understanding, and overcoming obstacles, Vikrant Massey and Sheetal Thakur exchanged vows in a heartfelt ceremony in February 2022:

Prior to their traditional wedding, the couple opted for a registered marriage, marking the official beginning of their lifelong journey together.

Both Vikrant and Sheetal took to their social media platforms to share glimpses of their special day, expressing that their seven years of togetherness had transformed into a promise of seven lifetimes.

Baby Bundle of Joy on the Way

As per some exclusive reports, there is exciting news on the horizon for Vikrant Massey and Sheetal Thakur. The couple is reportedly expecting their first child together:

While there is no official confirmation from the couple yet, a source close to them shared the joyous news, revealing that Sheetal is pregnant. This new chapter in their lives marks the beginning of a beautiful journey into parenthood.

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Sheetal Thakur and Vikrant Massey: Continuing Their Professional Pursuits

Apart from their personal milestones, Vikrant Massey has been making waves in the world of acting. His recent appearances in “Gaslight” and “Mumbaikar” have garnered critical acclaim, showcasing his versatility and talent on screen.

As Vikrant and Sheetal prepare to embrace the joys of parenthood, their love story serves as a testament to the enduring power of love that can weather any storm, including a global pandemic. Their journey from co-stars to soulmates to soon-to-be parents is a heartwarming reminder that true love knows no boundaries and can conquer all obstacles.

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