Shikhar Dhawan Wife Age: How Old Is The Spouse Of Delhi Capitals Opener?

Shikhar Dhawan, the opening batsman for the Delhi Capitals and the Indian cricket team, is rumored to have filed for divorce from Ayesha Mukherjee shortly before the announcement of India’s T20 World Cup roster. Although the rumor is unconfirmed, Ayesha’s post on social media announcing their separation is going viral.

However, the post was taken down, and neither of the parties verified the story. However, it was disclosed yesterday that the Delhi High Court had granted Shikar Dhawan a divorce. Let’s talk about Shikhar Dhawan’s wife’s age in this article in greater detail.

What Is Shikhar Dhawan’s Wife’s Age?

Ayesha Dhawan, who was given the name Ayesha Mukherjee and was born on August 27, 1975, is one of those women who is much more than merely Shikhar Dhawan’s wife. Many people can learn from Ayesha Dhawan’s path, which included being abused as a young child and fighting to become an amateur boxer. She is 48 years old right now.

What Is Shikhar Dhawan's Wife's Age
What Is Shikhar Dhawan’s Wife’s Age

Ayesha Dhawan was born into a middle-class Indian family in West Bengal, India. Her father was a native Indian Bengali, and her mother was allegedly a British Associate nursing graduate. Ayesha was just eight years old when her parents decided to go to Australia.

How Did Shikhar Dhawan And Ayesha Mukharjee Meet?

Shikhar first discovered her on Facebook, where they shared a friend named Harbhajan Singh. After talking for a while, they decided to get married, but Shikhar Dhawan’s father appeared to be opposed to the idea because she was older than him and was already married. Shkihar’s mother, Sunaina Dhawan, supported him and had a significant influence on their 2012 wedding. They also have a son named Zoravar.

Why Did Shikhar Dhawan Divorce His Wife?

Shikhar Dhawan, a cricket player, was granted a divorce from his estranged wife, Ayesha Mukherji, on Wednesday by a court in Delhi due to his experience with mental abuse. All of the accusations made by Dhawan in the divorce petition against his wife were accepted by the judge.

Have a look at the tweet below, which states all the grounds on the basis of which Shikhar Dhawan was granted divorce.

Judge Harish Kumar, according to Bar and Bench, accepted the accusations on the grounds that Mukherji either didn’t dispute them or didn’t adequately defend herself. Kumar claimed that by making Dhawan live apart from their son for many years, Mukerji caused him emotional suffering.

Although the court declined to make a decision regarding the son’s long-term custody, it did grant Dhawan permission to see him in India and Australia for a limited period of time, including an overnight stay with him and his family. The cricketer may video contact his youngster and talk to him as well.

The court further ordered Mukerji to spend at least half of the school break in India with the youngster for visitation purposes. Mukerji initially promised the cricketer that he would live with him in India, according to Dawan’s plea. Given her obligations to her ex-husband and the two girls she shares with him, she was unable to accomplish this, though.

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The court also considered Dhawan’s argument that his wife forced him to give her a 99% ownership interest in three houses he purchased in Australia using the cricketer’s money. The court determined that Mukerji had not refuted these and other claims.

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