The Auto’s U Are In Karnataka Learn Kannada Image Goes Viral

A photograph of an autorickshaw with a sexist remark has been widely shared on social media. Someone called Roshan Rai tweeted the image with the statement, “This is Xenophobia of the highest order,” and it quickly went viral. Regional superiority cannot be used to justify the substandard treatment of people from other states.

Pictured on the rear of the post was the stalled vehicle with the message, “U are in Karnataka, study (Kannada). Don’t be such a jerk about it, you. So, u wanna beg in my hood?

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Many internet users have disapproved of the photograph by commenting or sharing it on their profiles. Another Twitter user, Alankrit Shukla, compared Maharashtra to Karnataka and gushed about his time spent in the former.

The Auto's U Are in Karnataka Learn Kannada Image Goes Viral
The Auto’s U Are in Karnataka Learn Kannada Image Goes Viral

“I’ve lived in Maharashtra for seven years and have never felt like an outsider. I’ve never felt threatened by a Marathi, and nobody has tried to force me to learn their language.

They’ll start speaking to you in Hindi when they realize you don’t know Marathi. It was with the message, “Thanku #Maharashtra for better exp,” that Shukla expressed his gratitude to the state.

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Many people were drawn to these posts, and while most internet users were understandably outraged, others pointed out the posts’ stereotypical nature.

Kannada people are modest, too. Someone posted, “Let’s not generalize about a whole region based on my bad experiences there.”

Well, I’m not going to learn Kannada,” said another. If you only know Hindi, you’ll be fine in Bangalore. Your loss if you decide not to do business with me. Because of his unfriendly demeanor, this car service will lose more consumers.

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“This is unacceptable,” said someone else.

Working in Germany is a sure way to pick up the language. One user said, “If you want to work here, it’s mandatory that you learn to speak Kannada.”

I think seven years is plenty of time to master the Marathi language. Understanding the local language is not an imposing act. Imagine if you didn’t know Hindi but spent seven years in Uttar Pradesh or Bihar.

It’s not appropriate to use terms like “beggar” or “f*ck*r.” “But it’s acceptable to ask for help learning the local language,” said another. “Better learn Marathi,” said one user. “Well, you haven’t seen the entitlement that Hindi speakers have,” another user said.

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