Gurugram Viral Video: Woman Fights Cop Journalist Over Cab Driver’s 2000 Rupees

An online video shows a woman causing mayhem in the streets of Gurgaon. Journalist Deepika Bhardwaj tweeted about it,

saying that the woman, identified only as Jyoti, refused to pay for the ride and heatedly argued with the driver when he insisted on payment. The driver then called the police.

A Cop and a Journalist Are Arguing With a Female Suspect 

She slams the police officer into the ground at the Huda City Centre in Gurgaon and demands, “Are you mad?” Later, while a journalist was documenting the situation,

she rudely pointed her finger at the reporter and told her to “Shut up.” She then asks the journalist, “Who the hell are you?” to further their argument.

Woman Fights Cop Journalist Over Cab Driver's 2000 Rupees
Woman Fights Cop Journalist Over Cab Driver’s 2000 Rupees

When I saw that she was causing trouble for a helpless man and the police, I had to interrupt my hasty journey to the meeting. She shouted me a bunch of horrible names and tried to attack me, but the police stopped her in time,” the journalist tweeted.

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Consecutive offender?

A fight broke out on Saturday night when the woman renting a vehicle refused to pay Rs. 2000 to the driver. She allegedly warned the drivers that she would file a case against them for sexual harassment or molestation.

Jyoti was heard repeating, “Fraud aadmi hai ye,” on another video of her acting out a similar scene. That merese (a driver) was making inappropriate conversation with me and I felt pretty uncomfortable.

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