Three Railway Stations in Uttar Pradesh Get New Names!!

In a recent development, the Northern Railway has officially announced the renaming of three significant railway stations in Uttar Pradesh. This move aims to better reflect the cultural and religious significance of these locations. Let’s delve into the details of these name changes.

Pratapgarh Station is Now Maa Belha Devi Dham Pratapgarh Junction

The first station on our list is Pratapgarh, which will now be known as “Maa Belha Devi Dham Pratapgarh Junction.” This change is in alignment with the rich spiritual heritage of the region, as Pratapgarh is home to numerous sacred sites.

Antu is Now Maa Chandrika Devi Dham Antu

The second station undergoing a transformation is Antu, which will now bear the name “Maa Chandrika Devi Dham Antu.” This renaming reflects the deep-rooted religious importance of Antu in the hearts of the locals.

Bishnathganj is Now Shanidev Dham Bishnathganj

Last but not least, Bishnathganj has been renamed as “Shanidev Dham Bishnathganj.” This alteration highlights the reverence and devotion associated with this railway station.

It’s worth noting that these three stations hold immense spiritual significance in Pratapgarh, and the name changes are expected to resonate positively with the local community.

More Changes on the Horizon

According to our sources, the Indian Railways may soon announce further changes to station names. This initiative appears to focus on stations located near religious and cultural landmarks.

For instance, Mohanlalganj’s BJP MP, Kaushal Kishore, has proposed renaming the Indian Railway station to “Shri Budheshwar Dham Station.” Such changes are in line with honoring the heritage and traditions of the regions surrounding these stations.

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A Growing Trend

This renaming trend is not new, as we’ve seen Jhansi Railway Station renamed as “Veerangana Laxmibai Jhansi Railway Station” in the recent past. These changes aim to celebrate the historical and cultural importance of these places.

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