UP Crime: Man Sexually Assaults Minor Girl With Friends; 3 Held

A young girl in the Meerut area of Uttar Pradesh was brutally assaulted and then her naked footage was posted online, sparking outrage and condemnation.

The victim can be heard imploring the men shredding her clothes to respect her modesty, and her cries fill the heartbreaking footage.

Despite the girl’s cries for help and pleading with the perpetrators not to shred her garments, they continued their terrible assault.

At one point in the video, a voice can be heard urging, “Strip her, do it fast,” while the girl cries out for help.

Everything happened in a part of town police in Kithore are responsible for protecting.

According to the reports, the accused, identified as Shakir, told the minor girl that he would marry her and began dating her.

The girl’s mother reportedly accused Shakir of sexually exploiting her daughter throughout their two-year relationship, according to the police.

The victim was dragged into the woods and beaten.

Accusations have surfaced that the accused brought the girl to a jungle or woodland three months ago and forced her to take drugs.

He had previously warned his pals Aalam, Pappu, Shoaib, and Haider to hide in the woods. Once inside, the suspects are said to have forcibly stripped the woman naked before assaulting and filming her.

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Warning: This video may contain upsetting material. Caution is advised for viewers.

Acquisition of three suspects

The victim claims that after the encounter, the defendants blackmailed her into having a sexual connection with them. If she replied no, they threatened to let the video go public, they said.

UP Crime Man Sexually Assaults Minor Girl With Friends
UP Crime Man Sexually Assaults Minor Girl With Friends

When the victim declined, the accused showed her brother the video.

The kin contacted authorities and a report was made. The police took Shakir, Aalam, and Pappu into custody after a report was filed.

The victim’s statement has been taken and a doctor will examine her, the police stated. The police have opened an investigation and are looking for further suspects.

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