Anju Father Let Her Die There After Her Islamization, and Marriage to Her Lover in Pakistan

Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh): Anju, an Indian mother of two, left her family and married her Facebook buddy Nasrullah, a Pakistani man, despite her father’s claims that she was dead to him. And he added, “Let her die there,” meaning he won’t try to get the Indian government to send for her.

I have no idea what’s going on in her mind,” Anju’s father, Gaya Prasad Thomas of Gwalior, said. We can no longer contact that girl who ran away from home. She completely neglected her family and husband.

He added that he is uninterested in her activities and had no idea when her visa was processed.

When asked if he was happy for Anju in her marriage, Prasad snapped, “Am I sitting next to her? How can I possibly understand her inner thoughts? How accurate am I as a seer? And now that she’s gone, what should I do about it?

Children’s Futures Destroyed

He continued, “If this is what she wanted to do, she should have divorced her husband and told him before she did anything else.” The lives of her husband and their two children are now also destroyed. Who will be in charge of their upbringing from here on out?

Prasad stated flatly that he has no interest in resuming communication with Anju and will not coerce her into returning.

On July 21, Anju (34), a mother of two from Rajasthan from Alwar, traveled to Pakistan to see Nasrullah (29), a man she had met online and fell in love with.

Anju's Father Let Her Die There After Her Islamization
Anju’s Father Let Her Die There After Her Islamization

Anju had said that she would return in a few days.

Anju released a video statement explaining that she didn’t want her family to be worried when the news went viral and people back home began drawing analogies between herself and Seema Haider. She’s here lawfully and plans to leave Pakistan in two days.

But on Tuesday, she wed Nasrullah in front of a district and sessions judge after converting to Islam. Anju is now going by Fatima.

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The father has stated that Anju has a mental illness.

Gaya Prasad, for example, became a Christian a long time ago. On Monday, he told the press that his daughter suffers from mental illness. He added that he was unaware of her connection to Nasrullah and had not spoken to her in 20 years.

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