Video of Shooting of Wood Businessman in Madiyahu, Jaunpur Captured in Cctv Camera

A businessman was shot in the chest in broad daylight in a frightening video from the Jaunpur area of Uttar Pradesh. Later, while receiving medical attention for his wounds, he passed away. The video, however, emphasizes the brash, defiant nature of “trigger-happy” criminals who are willing to breach the law at the drop of a hat or the first sign of a conflict.

Three of the alleged shooters rode their bicycles to the scene of the crime, but only one of them actually fired a shot. However, the disturbing footage reveals that the suspects were having what appeared to be a friendly conversation only moments before opening fire on the businessman. However, the assailant pulls out a gun and fires at the businessman in an almost casual fashion, killing him instantly.

On October 9th, the incident occurred

The crime has been linked to a personal rivalry. The event happened on Monday, October 9 in the Madiyahu Kotwali neighborhood of Nevada, Jaunpur. The mob, however, nabbed one of the villains as he attempted to flee the scene. The mob apprehended him, chained him to a pillar, and mercilessly beat him.


The accused was being pummeled by the crowd when police arrived and arrested him. The second suspect was pursued by the police and shot twice, injuring himself.

According to the police, Jai Prakash Singh, alias Guddu, 45, was found dead. The businessman reportedly had an argument with the three workers before he fired them. One of the suspects suddenly pulled out a pistol and opened fire on the businessman.

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After firing on police, he was eventually apprehended in an “encounter” that left him wounded. He and another accused, Golu Yadav, who was also beaten up by the crowd, are receiving medical attention at the hospital while the police search for a third suspect.

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