Woman Claims She Is In Danger Wants To Leave Islam

A Muslim woman caused a stir in front of the police in the Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh, making it a one-of-a-kind incident.

She has made serious accusations against people she doesn’t know, and she’s even denounced her religion and said she’s afraid for her life.

The event at the collectorate in Police Station Civil Lines was captured on a mobile device’s camera. However, it is unclear when exactly this occurred.

The Complaints and Suspicions

A journalist recorded and tweeted the incident, showing the girl screaming in the middle of a crowd, accusing someone of forcibly stripping her naked and trying to blackmail her. She says her life was in jeopardy since someone offered a contract for Rs 7 lakh to kill her.

As her voice rose, displaying distress and panic, the on-duty cops tried to calm her down. The girl also appealed to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for help, pleading with him to intervene.

She made a special request by saying she doesn’t want to wear the oppressive symbol of a burqa, which she says makes her feel unsafe and unprotected.

A woman’s desire to abandon her faith is expressed.

The girl had an epiphany during her anguish that shocked everyone. She clarified that she despises Islam and wants to convert to another faith. Her reasoning was not immediately apparent.

Woman Claims She is in Danger Wants to Leave Islam
Woman Claims She is in Danger Wants to Leave Islam

Inquiry by the Barhal Police

The Barhal police have reportedly investigated the girl’s claims to determine the integrity of her anguish and the accuracy of her statements. They’re trying to figure out who she accused and why they would have threatened her with blackmail and murder.

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