Landslide Causes Traffic Disruption on Mumbai-Pune Expressway; Carriageway Closure Announced!!

A landslide triggered by a boulder collapse near the Adoshi tunnel in the Bhor Ghat section of the Mumbai-Pune expressway has resulted in traffic disruption. The incident occurred on Sunday night, blocking all three lanes of the Mumbai carriageway.

Prompt action by the Highway Safety Patrol (HSP) team helped divert vehicles heading toward Mumbai onto one lane of the Pune carriageway.

Fortunately, there were no reported fatalities. However, to ensure public safety and clear the debris, authorities have decided to close the Mumbai carriageway for two hours.

Landslide Incident and Immediate Response

At around 10.30 pm on Sunday, a landslide occurred near the Adoshi tunnel due to a boulder collapse, impacting traffic movement on the Mumbai-Pune expressway:

The boulders falling on the highway blocked all three lanes of the Mumbai carriageway, causing significant disruption.


Efforts to Streamline Traffic and Clear Debris

The Highway Safety Patrol team took swift action to manage the situation and streamline traffic flow. In response to the blockage, vehicles heading towards Mumbai were diverted onto one lane of the Pune carriageway, facilitating traffic movement.

Additionally, the IRB agency’s JCB vehicle and dumper were deployed to clear the debris from the highway, ensuring the safety of commuters.

Closure of Mumbai Carriageway

To further address the situation and prevent potential risks, the Highway Safety Patrol (HSP) has announced the closure of the Mumbai carriageway for a period of two hours, from 12 pm to 2 pm on Monday.

The closure is necessary to remove the remaining debris and loose boulders from the hillside, mitigating the risk of another landslide.

Landslide on Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Alternative Route for LMVs

As part of the safety measures, LMVs (Light Motor Vehicles) heading towards Mumbai will be diverted along the Shingroba ghat section on the old Mumbai-Pune highway during the closure of the Mumbai carriageway.

This diversion is implemented to ensure a smooth flow of traffic and minimize inconvenience to commuters.

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The landslide incident near the Adoshi tunnel on the Mumbai-Pune expressway has caused temporary traffic disruption. Prompt response from the Highway Safety Patrol team and the deployment of appropriate resources helped clear the debris, preventing any loss of life.

To ensure public safety, the authorities have taken the necessary step of closing the Mumbai carriageway for a specified period. Motorists are advised to follow the designated diversion route for LMVs during the closure.

The authorities remain committed to swiftly resolving the situation and maintaining the safety and well-being of commuters on the expressway.

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