Video: 2 Injured After Speeding Bike Rams Into Car in Chandivali, Mumbai!!

The incident you described in Mumbai’s Chandivali area is indeed unfortunate and highlights the need for improved road safety measures in the locality. Here are some key points from the incident

A car attempting to make a U-turn collided with a speeding motorcycle at the Nahar Amrit Shakti Road in Chandivali. The impact of the collision also caused injury to a pedestrian who was walking on the side of the road.

Severity of Injuries

The pedestrian involved in the accident is reported to have suffered serious injuries. The condition of the motorcycle rider and the occupants of the car is not mentioned in the provided information.

Previous Accidents

The incident occurred at the same location where another accident happened a few days earlier. In that previous accident, a minor driving an SUV lost control and collided with an autorickshaw and a senior citizen who was walking on the roadside.

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Lack of Infrastructure

The absence of footpaths in the area is noted as a significant factor contributing to accidents involving pedestrians. Pedestrians are forced to walk on the sides of the roads, putting their safety at risk.

Community Appeal

Local residents have appealed to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to construct footpaths in the area to improve pedestrian safety. Additionally, there is a need for speed-breakers at locations where pedestrians frequently cross roads.

Road Safety Awareness

Such incidents emphasize the importance of road safety awareness among all road users, including drivers, motorcyclists, and pedestrians It’s essential for the local authorities and the BMC to take these concerns seriously and consider implementing necessary safety measures, such as constructing footpaths and installing speed-breakers, to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of pedestrians and other road users in the area. Road safety education and awareness campaigns can also play a role in reducing accidents.

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