Tragic Incident Unfolds: 24-Year-Old Woman Brutally Murdered in Bengaluru!!

In a horrifying incident that has sent shockwaves through Karnataka’s capital city, Bengaluru, a 24-year-old woman met a tragic end at the hands of her live-in partner. The accused, identified as 29-year-old Vaishnav, has been apprehended by the police, shedding light on the grim reality of domestic disputes turned fatal.

The victim, Deva, hailed from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, while the alleged perpetrator, Vaishnav, is a native of Kollam, also in Kerala. The ill-fated couple had been cohabiting in a rented apartment in Begur, South Bengaluru, for the past two years.

Relationship Turned Fatal: The Chilling Details

According to law enforcement authorities, Deva and Vaishnav shared a history that extended back to their college days. Vaishnav, who was employed as a marketing executive with a local firm, had been on the run following the shocking crime, prompting a relentless search by the police. Eventually, the authorities successfully traced his location, leading to his arrest.

Tumultuous Relationship: Clues from Neighbors

Neighbors residing in proximity to the couple’s residence have provided crucial insights into the turbulent nature of their relationship. Verbal spats were reportedly not uncommon between the two.

Despite these recurring disputes, no formal complaint had been lodged by either party prior to this horrifying incident.

The Police Perspective: An Official Statement

CK Baba, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) for South Bengaluru, revealed, “Yesterday, there was a place called Mico layout in Begur police station limits. Both of them have been living in the same house for the last two years. They are both from Kerala. The deceased is a native of Thiruvananthapuram, and the accused is a native of Kollam. They were working in the sales and marketing area.”

The motive behind this heinous act appears to revolve around Vaishnav’s suspicions regarding his live-in partner. The couple’s confrontations had often centered on these doubts. In a tragic turn of events, on a fateful Sunday, their altercation escalated, resulting in Deva being struck with a cooker while in the midst of cooking. Consequently, the police have registered a case of murder against the accused.

Deputy Commissioner Baba elaborated further, stating, “A few days ago, Vaishnav had some doubts about the deceased, and they used to fight over it. On Sunday, the same happened, and he hit the girl with a cooker while cooking. We have registered a case under section 302. The incident happened around 5 pm. They had some interaction even before on a family level, as per the family. We have arrested him, and interrogation is going on.”

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In this heart-wrenching incident, we’re reminded of the importance of addressing conflicts in a peaceful and constructive manner. Our thoughts go out to the victim’s family, and we hope for justice to be served swiftly in this case.

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