Bharat Ratna and Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen’s Daughter Dispels Death Rumors, Saying, “Baba is Totally Fine”

On Tuesday, Nandana Deb Sen, Nobel laureate Amartya Sen’s daughter, dispelled rumors that her father had passed away. Nandana took to X (formerly Twitter) to reassure her followers that there was no need to worry about Baba.

We recently got back from a lovely week in Cambridge with his family, and his goodbye hug was as intense as ever last night. He’s still busy as ever, what with teaching two courses a week at Harvard and writing his book on gender.

She also shared a photo of herself and her children with Nobel laureate Amartya Sen

An earlier article had claimed that Sen had died, a claim attributed to a Twitter user.

The news is dreadful. Amartya Sen, my good friend, passed away just a few minutes ago. Absolutely nothing to say.Concerning Amartya Sen

Amartya Sen, born in India in 1933, is a respected economist and philosopher. In the fields of welfare economics and development theory, he has made substantial contributions.

The political philosophy and economics fields have been significantly influenced by Sen’s seminal work on social choice theory. He is widely recognized for popularizing the “capability approach,” an ideology that prioritizes individuals’ agency and autonomy in pursuit of happiness.

For his efforts to reduce poverty and increase equality, Sen was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1998, among many other accolades. His thoughts have impacted international policy debates by highlighting the significance of human progress and fair treatment of all people.

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