In Ghaziabad: Woman Driving E-rickshaw Pelts Inspector With Slippers, Watch Video Goes Viral!!

In a startling incident on Tuesday in Ghaziabad, an e-rickshaw driver’s confrontation with a police officer escalated into an aggressive assault. The woman, whose e-rickshaw was reportedly causing a traffic jam, lashed out at the Sub Inspector who arrived to clear the congestion in the Kanavani area of Indirapuram. The altercation spiraled as the woman resorted to striking the officer with her slippers, causing a stir amidst the ongoing traffic chaos.

As videos capturing the heated exchange started circulating online, the incident quickly caught the attention of the local police. A team was promptly assembled to apprehend the irate e-rickshaw driver. According to the victimized policeman, the aggression didn’t end with the physical assault; the woman also attempted to mow him down with her e-rickshaw. watch this video

The unfolding scene didn’t just reflect a momentary loss of temper ACP Poonam Mishra revealed that this wasn’t the woman’s first transgression of such nature. The authorities are now tightening the noose as a case has been registered against the woman, not only for the assault but also for operating an e-rickshaw without a valid number plate.

The incident, now a viral topic on social media, has invited a myriad of reactions from netizens. As the police delve deeper into the investigation, the belligerent e-rickshaw driver is anticipated to face arrest anytime soon. Amidst the brewing storm, the woman’s statement remains elusive, though her domineering demeanor during the incident speaks volumes.

The ripple effect of this confrontation underscores the bubbling tension in everyday scenarios, with individuals often finding themselves at odds with law enforcement personnel amidst trying circumstances. The Ghaziabad police are determined to bring justice to light as they continue to scrutinize the incident and ensure such violent outbursts are curtailed in the future.

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