Controversy Erupts as Lulu Mall in Kochi Displays Pakistani Flag Next to Indian Tricolor During Cricket World Cup

A photograph purportedly taken at Lulu Mall in Kochi, Kerala, is currently making rounds on various social media platforms. This image captures a collection of national flags within the mall, coinciding with the ongoing Cricket World Cup in India. However, amidst the sporting fervor, a controversy has erupted, drawing attention to a sensitive issue.

Violation of the Flag Code of India

In this display where most of the flags are relatively similar in size, one particularly large Pakistani flag stands conspicuously next to the Indian tricolor. This arrangement is a gross violation of the Flag Code of India, which unequivocally states that no flag should be placed above the Indian national flag. The national flag represents the sovereignty and dignity of a nation, and its proper display is a matter of utmost importance. watch this tweet

Social Media Outrage

The image has ignited a firestorm on social media platforms, with numerous accounts sharing it and a multitude expressing their outrage. This provocative display has not only raised eyebrows but has also triggered a fervent debate among citizens and netizens alike.

Questions and Concerns

The public has raised important questions regarding the intentions behind such a display. What message is the mall management attempting to convey, and will any action be taken to address this matter? Many are deeply concerned about whether such a blatant violation of the law will be tolerated.

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Call for Action

In times like these, it is crucial for individuals to voice their opinions and engage in constructive dialogues about such issues. Upholding the sanctity of national symbols and respecting the law should be a shared responsibility. It is also worth considering whether the founder of Lulu Mall, Mohammed Yusuf, should take action against the responsible officials who allowed this flag arrangement.

The controversy surrounding the display of the Pakistani flag next to the Indian Tricolor at Lulu Mall in Kochi underscores the need for vigilance in upholding national symbols and laws. While the viral image has sparked widespread outrage, it is important that the matter is resolved responsibly and within the framework of the law.

The collective voice of citizens plays a crucial role in holding institutions accountable for any lapses. It is hoped that this issue will be addressed promptly, ensuring that such violations do not recur and that the sanctity of national symbols is upheld.

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